Men’s Fashion: The History & Evolution of the Ascot.

One of the most oldest, masculine and classy articles of men’s neck-wear would in my opinion be the Ascot! This elegant and unique accessory has it’s origin in Europe and Great Britain. The Ascot has also changed a great deal over time, as well as the way stylish men wear it in both casual and formal situations.

Now very often the ascot is referred to as a cravat, and the cravat an ascot (both very similar, but not the same), however in North America an Ascot (or ascot tie) is a neckband which consists of two wings of wide, pointed fabric, usually of the same size, with a connecting strip. While a Cravat is any cloth tied around the neck for decorative purposes and can therefore encompass neckties, bow ties, scarves, and even ascots. It is, essentially, an umbrella term for any decorative article worn about the neck.



And to make things a little more confusing there is what’s called a “Neckerchief” which is neither a ascot or cravat, but is both or a hybrid of the two, so to quill the confusion it would fall under the definition of a cravat. While these interchangeable definitions can be a little daunting, the style and elegance of wearing one is quite simple. But an ascot is a cravat, but not all cravats are ascots! Men have been wearing decorative cloths around their necks for millennia.

“In 1660 a regiment of Croats arrived in France — a part of their singular costume excited the greatest admiration, and was immediately and generally imitated; this was a tour de cou, made (for the private soldiers) of common lace, and of muslin or silk for the officers; the ends were arranged en rosette, or ornamented with a button or tuft, which hung gracefully on the breast. This new arrangement, which confined the throat but very slightly, was at first termed a Croat, since corrupted to Cravat.” The Art of Tying the Cravat (1828).

Now During the 17th & 18th centuries neck-wear was very much diverse and un-standardized, and simply consisted of various cloths and patterns of different sizes worn around the neck for decorative purposes. (“These neck-cloths evolved into a variety of standardized types that included the jabot, the stock tie, the ascot, and the bow tie”). “Fashion influencer Beau Brummell is well known for many innovations to menswear, but one of his most noticeable accomplishments was refining and subduing neck-wear. Prior to Brummell’s fashion reforms, gaudy and exuberant neck-wear, often featuring massive ruffles, lace, and detailing, was the norm. Brummell helped popularized a more sedate style of neck-wear, featuring a clean white neck-cloth in a subdued, neat knot that would become the progenitor of modern formal neck-wear.”

The ascot had it’s beginnings from the neck cloths that were commonly worn in the 17th & 18th centuries, but it came into a standardized form in the late 18th and early 19th century. It was made commonly from heavily starched linen to retain it’s shape. Over time the ascot developed into the more modern ascot-tie with a pin to hold the ascot in place.

By now you could be asking yourself, how did the ascot get it’s name? Well in England of course! The famous Ascot Racecourse near Ascot Heath in Berkshire England is were the it got it’s name. The most well dressed and biggest event in sport. The dress code for this event was highly formal, and still is! The ascot got it’s name from this event sometime in the late 19th century as the Royal Ascot race became extremely popular, as well as the namesake neck-wear which was considered very formal attire.

During the 20th century the ascot was worn at day time social (formal) events, but was considered more casual than a neck or bow tie, and subsequently banned from the English Royal Ascot Races as gentleman began to wear them more casually in the 1930’s, which is called a “Day Ascot”. Unable to distinguish a Day Ascot from a Formal Ascot, the ascot became a stylish classy neck-wear accessory for gentleman.

“An ascot paired with a dressing gown was a common form of lounge wear in the early and mid-20th century.”

So what are you waiting for? Go out and incorporate this stylish and classy neck wear into your tie collection.

New York Fashion Week: The Show at Uptown Fashion Week.

The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine attended “The Show” at the Cecil Lounge in Harlem on September 10th 2022. The show featuring African American designers from “Black Cotton”.

The collection from Black Cotton ranged from street wear, to elaborate dresses as well as accessories.

Street Wear/Black Cotton

Black Cotton

Street Wear

Black Cotton

Black Cotton/Elegant Dress

Evening Dress

Uptown Fashion Week

The Show Uptown Fashion Week

Natasha Swartz/Natasha Photo Studio


Fashion News: Puma Returns to New York Fashion Week 2022.

The German company PUMA has returned to Fashion Week 2022 with famed stylist June Ambrose (who was named designer and creative director last year) running the show at Cipriani’s in New York, the Futrograde show. Among PUMA’s re-imagining of old and new street wear there was also the collaboration capsule’s like Dapper Dan. Dan’s convergence of high fashion and sportswear, which Dapper Dan said: “the best thing that could’ve happened to fashion.”

“It’s just an incredibly important moment for us for so many different reasons,” said Adam Petrick, chief brand officer of Puma. “Returning to fashion week for the first time in several years is significant because we knew we needed the right combination of factors to be present. With an emphasis on digital, a great lineup of ambassadors and an amazing creative partner in June Ambrose, the foundation and creativity for a great show are there.”

The end of July 2022 PUMA’s second quarter sales earning jumped 18.4 percent, more than 2 Billion Euros.

Chief brand officer Adam Petrick said: “So we’re going to look at our values and core principles, which is sports first. Sports never goes away. It’s something humans love and need, whether it’s the competition or the fitness or just the general health aspects. It’s absolutely not recession-proof, but it’s certainly something that we can count on as continuing to be interesting to our consumer.”

The German brand also launched a parallel Metaverse fashion show experience called Black Station that has exclusive NFTs which are redeemable for a limited-edition physical sneakers. Black Station connects consumers with various web3 activations slated to emerge over the coming years.

Articles: Are Fashion Brands Failing in Sustainability Pledges?

Some of the biggest fashion brands have in the last couple of years made public pledges to reduce their carbon footprint, however recent studies have found that most have not lived up to their promises of sustainability. environmental NGO Stand Earth released a report last year that revealed 35 companies out of 47 received a failing grade (F) on their Fashion Fossil-Free Score Card for a clean energy supply chain.

Big fashion brands like Prada, LVMH and Lululemon were some of the biggest offenders. The organization said that “In the wake of a global pandemic that reinforced growing public demand for strong action to curb the climate crisis and protect public health, fashion brands are at a critical crossroads”.

They also stated: “The fashion industry continues to rely heavily on coal to power the manufacturing of its products, contributing to rising climate emissions and deadly air pollution in countries, such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, where its supply chain is concentrated.”

As calls for fashion sustainability continues to rise, the fashion industry is estimated to contribute 5-10% of green house gases. Roughly 75% of fashion brands fail in adopting sustainability practices, some companies like are shifting to “vegan” leather materials like Nike and H&M. However it is still a long road ahead for many fashion brands.

Fashion: The Return of the Preppy Look

As one of the main fashion trends of the 60’s-80’s, the prep look has returned with a vengeance. With streetwear fashion on the decline, due to a counteraction by Gen Z and millennials looking for a more “formal style” in loafers, argyle and rugby shirts with blazers.

Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Ralph Lauren are putting a bend on the classic preppy look this fall adding some flavor with modernized looks and reinterpreted with other influences.

The resurgence of preppy fashion is a remastered version for modern times, being fused with elements of punk, streetwear, etc.

Look for radical new twists on the prep look this fall and at fashion week.

Is 3D Virtual Fashion the Future of Shopping?

I remember when you wanted to buy clothes to add to your wardrobe you had to travel to a Brick and Mortar store.

Once you arrived, you had to physically look for items, or sets and try them on to ascertain fit and quality.

The advent of shopping online brought great convenience along with the greater inconvenience of not being able to physically see or try on a sample in your approximate size.

In the last couple of years “Virtual Clothing” and “3D Fashion” has come into existence, which cater to the very best of both these shopping practices. Now Virtual Clothing: is defined as any piece of clothing represented in a digital format accurately. In the majority of the cases these virtual formats can be created into real physical clothing, which can be a huge benefit for many e-commerce retailers.

Designers can now bring their fashion concepts and styles to global fashion hubs like New York, Paris, London, Milan and Asia to anyone with access to a cell phone or laptop.

3D Fashion and Virtual Clothing will represent the future of the fashion industry. Designers will be enabled to release whole new fashion lines without physically creating one single garment.

Fashion News: Harrods delays Summer Discount Sale due to New goods slow to arrive.

Harrods announced in June that they will have to delay 2022 Summer sale due to hold ups in the global supply chain, by two to three weeks. The fall out is a result of Brexit

“It’s almost impossible to find the right staff. We’ve lost significant amounts of people as a result of Brexit. And it’s not the skilled or qualified, it’s the people we need to do jobs that unfortunately the British will not do.”

Clothing outlets have been hit by problems with shipping and factory shutdowns in China and elsewhere in Asia as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Value fashion chain Prtimark also said this week that it was closely watching events in China, where lock downs were affecting some factories and ports, threatening potential disruption to deliveries of stock.

Fashion News: LVMH Owned Tag Heuer now Accepts Crypto Currency Payments Online.

LVMH‘s Tag Heuer announced that it will now accept Crypto payments on it’s U.S. website via a press release over a week ago. Tag Heuer now accepts 12 cryptocurrencies via BitPay which includes Bitcoin, Dogdecoin, Etherium, Shiba Inu, Stablecoin and others for transactions up to $10,000.

“The press release announcement came after LVMH brands and rival luxury fashion houses at Kering are investing in the Metaverse and Web3, which is the concept for a new stage of the internet relying on blockchain technology.

Balenciaga will soon start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment at its flagship U.S. stores and online, as reported by Women’s Wear Daily. Earlier this month, Gucci announced it would start accepting crypto as payment in select U.S. stores.”

Digital currency is not accepted in brick and mortar stores of Tag Heuer at the moment, but they did not say that it wont happen in the future.


Art’s & Entertainment: Amanda Holley an Octave Above the Rest.

Amanda Holley’s 5 Octave voice is not only captivating, but also calming and soothing while she delivers important and personal messages. With each single/EP, you can see and hear her evolve in “RUNAWAY” and “CODE”, both out now. You can listen to “CODE” on Amazon Music,Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL.

This multi-talented bi-racial singer, songwriter, musician, actor (yes actor too!) has captivated audiences of hundreds and thousands, performing at Coachella, NYFW, LAFW, Carnegie Hall, iHeart and MTV. This SONY signed artist has it all it takes to be a mega star, on stage and TV!


Look for Amanda’s EP “The HolleyGraphic”, (to be released soon) in collab with Billboard Charting producer/songwriters Davis Chris & Cecily Wagner, as well as her starring on a new Reality TV show that will be announced in 2022/23.

Ms. Holley recently talked about her new acting role, spirituality, and working with amazing giants in the industry on the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine Podcast, which will be on social media in a few days in 2-3 parts (Amanda has much to talk about) in which Amanda will elaborate…on many things!

Amanda Holley