Chaiwali’s New Cocktails and Exotic Beers: Where to Drink Series Part 2

Chaiwali is quickly becoming known for its original 1st world cocktails, fashionable food with a fashionable staff and fashionable owners.

(Owners: Anita and Diego, and waiter Jevan)

Chaiwali now has exotic beers that are not being offered anywhere else in Harlem. Now you can have with your vegan and organic dinner an organic “vegan” beer! Diego from Chaiwali introduced me to Samuel Smith’s “organic fruit beers” which are brewed by a small independent brewery in the U.K. This “pure brewed organic larger beer” is perfect for those on a vegan diet, and with just 5% alcohol content is registered with the vegan society. This is certainly a larger you have to try!


Next on the list is India Ale: which is also made in England and fermented in stone Yorkshire squares, and is quite good almost like a stout, but somewhere in the middle. I really like this beer.




Lucky Buddha Beer: Is a bit of a novelty, a light beer comparable to let’s say an Amstel Light. This beer goes down quite smooth and the bottle is shaped like a Buddha and a fun bottle to keep after drinking it. Many people have made lamps and other fun unique crafts from this nice beer!




Gavroche: Is a French Red Beer with 8.5% alcohol content and is only sold by the pint for about $35.00, which is a perfect alternative to a bottle of wine. This beer would go great with Chaiwalis delicious lamb chops! It is also interesting to note that this beer is named after a character from Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables.


Occulto: Is the most unique and interesting beer offered at Chaiwali. As the name suggests, there is more to this beer than a nice cold drink, which has 6% alcohol content. This “fruit/vegetable beer” is tequila flavored, and aged on tequila staves. Now this beer has a gimmick, the label turns fluorescent and the skull eye’s on the bottle has a strange green glow when the bottle is cold. In addition there are secret hidden messages behind the label, under the cap and in other places on the bottle. Diego and I spent quite some time examining a few bottles trying to yield its secrets. Occulto means “hidden” in Spanish, and searching for the hidden messages is great fun. Chaiwali is the only place in Harlem that carries this supernatural beer!



Chaiwali’s New Cocktails and Exotic Beers:Where to Drink Series Part 1

Chaiwali has created a unique new martini, The Juggernaut! a very peppery infused, and strong martini that does justice to its name. This cocktail is made with lemon perserve and an Asian spirit with other secret ingredients which I cannot divulge, however it is garnished with a flaming lemon twist which actually brings out the oils in the lemon twist.


In Indian mythology Juggernaut is an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, whose idol, it was formerly supposed, so excited his worshipers when it was hauled along on a large car during religious rites that they threw themselves under the wheels and were crushed.

“Juggernaut or (Jagannatha), is worshiped at the religious city of Puri in India. A temple to Juggernaut there dates from the A . D . 1100s. According to one legend, a priest chose the site for the temple when he saw a crow dive into the nearby Bay.”

“Several festivals are held at the temple each year, the most important being the Chariot Festival in midsummer. On this occasion, the image of Juggernaut is placed on a 60-foot-high cart and pulled through the town by hundreds of people. Occasionally worshipers have thrown themselves beneath the wheels of the cart to be crushed as a sacrifice to Jagannatha. This practice gave rise to the English word juggernaut, meaning a person or power that crushes anything in its path.”

This is one heck of a martini! I almost crumbled under its power. It is interesting to note that despite its name and mighty punch, the Juggernaut is a very healthy cocktail, the ingredients are actually detoxifying and good for you. Go figure!


Gin Fizz brings back 1940’s speakeasy glamour to Harlem

Harlem’s classy new lounge/music venue/speakeasy Gin Fizz Harlem marks the return of exciting elegant night life on Lenox Ave. This upscale venue is styled like the old fashionable speakeasies from the 1940’s with a touch of pure elegance!



The owner David Chevreux has much to be proud of. After David’s father secured the space right upstairs from Chez Lucienne between 125th & 126th Street and Lenox, and expressed that he wanted to open something “young and chic”, David pulled together his own money and approached his dad and said “I want to be part of this” and invested with his father as a partner.
Taking only six months to set up, by the end of March 2015 Gin Fizz opened its doors.
Two months later, David took over the reigns as sole owner, and didn’t look back. David Chevreux’s mission was simple, “I want the best live music in Harlem that’s both hip & cool.”
This young entrepreneur’s vision is now a stark reality!


KIMG0873When asked what his is most proud of about his hip Harlem club, David replied: “Most of all I’m proud of my Staff!” “The one’s that stood by me through all the storms”; at first David was unsure about the clientele  coming in. Now his enforced dress code of “Men with jackets” or stylishly dressed, and “Women’s chic” ensures the direction of this soon to be famous Harlem venue.

11938011_1082821975080939_234765823295824132_nThe maitre d’ Devon heads up a lovely host of waitresses, all stylishly dressed and gorgeous!


Adreena, Kristina,Tiffany and Christina Corrad are leggy and lovely waiting to take your order.


The bartenders Asa and Naira serves up specialty drinks, like the “Gin Fizz” (of course) and the “Spicy Thing” as well as a host of others that will keep you in good spirits indeed (no pun intended). My favorite drink is the “Le Mac”(formally known as “The Classy Gentleman” as if you didn’t know).

KIMG0878KIMG0871Gin Fizz, has in such a relatively short time has built a reputation for showcasing the most brilliant Jazz Artists and exciting new comers. Such as the Great recording artist, “Mark Cary”, and the soulful Noel Simone Wippler & the band of friends (“that shuffle”). My favorite night at Gin Fizz is Thursday night, The Harlem Sessions hosted by Mark Cary is not to be missed on that night, after one set, you’re staying this to the end. The talented and engaging Mr. Cary gets down like that! Saturdays you can dance and grove to the spinning’s of celebrity DJ’s Like “Antoine DeBrill”

David Chevreux’s Gin Fizz has returned classy late night nightlife to Harlem!


The Sexy bartender Naira


The stylish waitress Adreena Thompson ready to greet you.