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The Lost Art of Gentlemanly Etiquette Part 3: A Gentleman’s guide to Dress

“A man whose dress is neat, clean, simple, and appropriate, will pass muster anywhere.”

Barawine Harlem: A Fine French Restaurant for Harlem Locals

I was very impressed with Fabrice and his philosophy on operating a successful restaurant (“never let it get boring”), his knowledge and love of Harlem, and his pride of recently becoming an American Citizen. Most of all “I was impressed by the genuine charm and goodwill of this exceptional gentleman!”

The Lost Art of Gentlemanly Etiquette: (How to behave like a gentleman) Part 2

Many men at their own table have little peculiar notions, which a guest does well to respect. Some will feel hurt, even offended, if you decline a Dish which they recommend; while others expect you to eat enormously, as
If they feared you did not appreciate their hospitality unless you tasted
Every single dish on the table. Try to pay respect to such whims while sitting at the table of
Your host, but avoid having any such notions when presiding over your own table.