Articles: Are Fashion Brands Failing in Sustainability Pledges?

Some of the biggest fashion brands have in the last couple of years made public pledges to reduce their carbon footprint, however recent studies have found that most have not lived up to their promises of sustainability. environmental NGO Stand Earth released a report last year that revealed 35 companies out of 47 received a failing grade (F) on their Fashion Fossil-Free Score Card for a clean energy supply chain.

Big fashion brands like Prada, LVMH and Lululemon were some of the biggest offenders. The organization said that “In the wake of a global pandemic that reinforced growing public demand for strong action to curb the climate crisis and protect public health, fashion brands are at a critical crossroads”.

They also stated: “The fashion industry continues to rely heavily on coal to power the manufacturing of its products, contributing to rising climate emissions and deadly air pollution in countries, such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, where its supply chain is concentrated.”

As calls for fashion sustainability continues to rise, the fashion industry is estimated to contribute 5-10% of green house gases. Roughly 75% of fashion brands fail in adopting sustainability practices, some companies like are shifting to “vegan” leather materials like Nike and H&M. However it is still a long road ahead for many fashion brands.

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