Restaurant Review: The Fox Harlem.

Lido has done it again. Opening yet another sibling site, the Fox Harlem just a few blocks away from its “sexy little sister” Bixi.

The Fox Harlem

While Bixi is Lido’s sexy little sister, the Fox Harlem is Lido’s sporty little brother. Yes, this stylish gastro pub is just what Harlem was missing on Restaurant Row. Serving up pub grub and comfort food, along with craft cocktails, wine and beer (of course) and a refined yet comfortable atmosphere. Watch your favorite sporting event on flat screens all along the upper perimeter of the restaurant. Which sporting events you say? All of them.

Upon entering, I was cheerfully greeted by the waitress, who told me to sit anywhere I liked, and settled for the table in the far left corner of the restaurant.
The Fox Harlem

Ordering a glass of Chardonnay while perusing the menu, I was told that they were flat out of it and suggested the Sauvignon blanc as an alternative. I declined, as I’ve never had a good Sauvignon blanc in Harlem…ever. I changed my mind and decided to try it, and finally it was one that I liked.

After looking over the menu, I thought to have the Fish & Chips along with Pigs in a Blanket (it’s a gastro pub) as I’m after all in a sports bar/restaurant.
Fish & Chips
Pigs in a Blanket

The Fish & Chips exceeded my expectations (along with the sauces), and the Pigs in a Blanket was not only satiating, but also quite tasty.

The Fox

I held on to the menu to see what else I could fit into my stomach, but these two dishes alone was so filling that I could not finish it all.

A trip to the bathroom at the Fox is also a visual delight.

The Fox Harlem is visually exciting in it’s sophisticated stylish simplicity, and a greet place to chill with friends or with a significant other who shares your love of gastro pubs and sports! The Fox Harlem is located at 2224 Frederick Douglas Blvd at 120th Street. A wonderful place to spend time at!

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