Arts & Entertainment: Qadir “Booder Lo” Lowrie, a young Rapper from Philadelphia Making Waves.

There’s something happening in the Rap and Hip Hop scene in Philly….you know Philadelphia, PA well Chester PA exactly. Now I’m not quite sure where to begin, but it seem to me that this 17 year old “rapper”/hip-hop artist (singer/songwriter) is breaking through to inner city youth (in Chester at least).


The natives of his hometown (Chester, PA) take a distinct separation from other Philadelphians, with a sort of pride that suggests the upmost confidence along with a truck load of charisma, much in line with Chester itself, (which is the “inner city” squeezed into a 5 square mile radius). Hence the incubator that has spawned a certain type of charismatic youth within, that Booder Lo seems to be the archetype!

Qadir “Booder Lo” Lowrie

After listening to his single digital track “Scramble“, I can feel the deep inner city influences (frustration, deep rooted anger) from living 17 years in Chester PA. The “bad ass” lyrics and instrumental riffs are in line with those that preceeded him in inner-city rap ( LL Cool J, KRS-One), but none the less he is making waves!

Booder is unique in the respect that he grew up in a two parent household of entrepreneurs. His father Tahir Lowrie, is the owner and managing operator of Bicell Nation and Booder is also signed with that company. His mother is Nadiyah Lowrie, a wealth management banker for TD bank. A Highly intelligent youth that’s referred to as “Gansta Gentleman or “intellectual gorilla rap”, and yet can describe how it feels to lose a friend in the streets of Chester!.

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