Articles: Fashion Therapy, Does it Really Work?

Having a Degree in Psychology, it wasn’t long before I delved into this “relatively new” field of therapy (who knew?) only to find out that I’ve been doing this sort of therapy almost all my life, and didn’t even know it!

Men’s Style Therapy

According to Isabel Slone’s piece in Fashionista: “Fashion therapy purports to offer something that, though not coming from a trained mental health professional, parallels real therapy in at least one way. It’s meant to be a safe space in which one can spill their ugliest thoughts and feelings and work through them.” 

Style Therapy

In fact the Columbia University-educated professor Dawnn Karen, who currently teaches at FIT in New York says Fashion psychology: is “the study and treatment of color, beauty, style, image and shape and its effect on human behavior while addressing cultural sensitivities and cultural norms.” 

 “Clothing can be used as a therapeutic modality.”

Now how you feel about yourself plays a very important part in your daily everyday life, in just about every aspect. By using fashion therapy to feel good about who you are, where you want to go, and how you want to get there is an excellent form of (mental) self care.  “Clothing can be used as a therapeutic modality.” This (psychological placebo) technique has been very useful in overcoming certain fears and anxiety in my own life. If you love the way you look, you will love the way you feel!

While it may not work for everybody… certainly worked for me and many others!

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