Fashion News: SHEIN Takes the Lead of Fast Fashion.

The fast fashion world…..or should I say, Ultra Fast Fashion has just been taken over by SHEIN! While not a household name SHEIN (which is rapidly about to change) has taken the lead of the online (Ultra!) Fast Fashion scene.

Solely focused on targeting GEN Z with laser beam accuracy, SHEIN has become the most installed e-commerce shopping app in America! The company is based in Nanjing and was founded in 2008, attracting Gen Z shoppers with TixToK and Instagram influencers along with almost endless discount codes to become a $15 Billion Fast Fashion Empire, uploading hundreds of new products each week.

The Number 1 Installed app in America

The publicity shy ultra fast fashion king has made it clear that it’s ready to take on Main Street after a very suprisingly potential bidder for failing U.K. fashion company Arcadia (which failed), and is known to buy out it’s competition. SHEIN has taken the lead in the global fast fashion arena and does not seem to be slowing down, despite also being routinely criticized for copying designs from indie designers.

And just like that……They took over!

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