The Best Places in Harlem for Weekend Brunch and Dinner on the Go.

From the end of 2020 a couple of restaurants sprung up in Harlem that you can grab a quick and tasty brunch or dinner while on the go, Saturday or Sunday without losing a step or a beat during a busy weekend.

The Noddle which opened up in Harlem on Lenox Ave (on 128th Street) which offers an alternative to the traditional “Chinese Restaurant” with high quality “in house made” Noddle’s with your choice of chicken, beef, or lamb. Mild, Spicy or extra Spicy sauce available suited to your taste. You can also choose regular thickness fresh pressed noodles, extra thick or ribbon (flat & wide) noodles which are made from scratch everyday!
Spicy Cumin Stir Fry with Lamb

One Saturday (while on the move all day) I picked up my favorite, Spicy Cumin Stir Fry with Lamb large flat noodles and a iced tea and took my “late brunch” or early “dinner” and rode to the park to eat (busy day) while on my way to meet people. No fuss, No muss!

Large Flat Noodles with Lamb

The Noodle is the sister restaurant to the “Hand Pulled Noodle” (which is on 3600 Broadway in Hamilton Heights)

Of course you can eat in (If your not in a hurry) and enjoy the best fresh hand pressed noodle’s in Harlem!
The Noddle Harlem

You can mix and match to find your favorite combination (which is half the fun) with the various noodle sizes and added extras! Would love to stay and chat….but I left already!

Chick’ N Cone

Also new on the block for 2021 is Chick N’ Cone! Now the it’s the old “chicken and waffles” brunch favorite, but with a twist! The “Chick N” is chopped up and placed within a waffle cone (which they make fresh everyday) and topped with their sauces (you can also get it on the side) and place in a cone frame for your enjoyment.

Making the Waffles!

One of the girls that work their told me that, everyone must pass “Waffle Making School” before being hired! It just has to be just right.

It’s a great novelty and spin on the chicken and waffle concept, and it’s fast as my order was ready in five minutes, and I sat and ate in the small but kinda cozy space and was back on the go in no time!
Empty Waffle Cone
Chick N’ Cone

Chick N’ Cone is located at 370 Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem. Stop by for a quick bite on the go for brunch or dinner. Another fun fact is that both these restaurants are right next door to each other! Swing through!

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