Fashion Styles: Cyber Fashion. Fashion’s Quantum Leap.

When I think of “virtual fashion”, it’s really a challenge not to also think of cyber fashion as having an (expensive) wardrobe that you cannot actually wear in the “real world” (or this place of three dimensional space) but…..just in cyber space! So you would wear these “virtual outfits” on your social media post to display your most resent (albeit expensive) cyber outfit that can make you look (very real) like a super hero, a God/Goddess, or a sexy otherworldly being!

Yes Cyber Fashion can encompass a broad area from Technology and A.I. to having a personal wardrobe that only you own (if you have it custom made) , or a few people who brought the limited amount of “digital pieces” from one of the futuristic brands that make them.

I as a “futurist” have been following these trends (which the pandemic seems to have fueled) for several years (even have my own “future wear” brand), and could not help but to notice fashion’s quantum leap!

Futuristic Wear is Hear! After all this is the 21st Century, and fashion may have gotten ahead of us a bit in this regard (right under our nose). I for one am still wrapping my head around technology intergration into wearable outfits, stylish and practical. Now fashion has gone Quantum!

So Yes….when I think of cyber fashion, I can also conceive of a fashionable wardrobe in the quantum realm.

Fashion: Futuristic Face Masks:

Futuristic facemasks has become sort of a fad following the pandemic and fully opening back up (to some sort of “new normal”) within the past year. One of the most interesting is the “Project Hazel” face mask by Razor! (Yes the software gaming company) The Project Hazel face masks won’t be available till around Oct 2021 (no exact date has been given), however the difference is the built in technology! This custom futuristic mask is equipped with a N95 respirator, transparent front, RGB lighting and voice amplifiers to cure muffled sound from speaking.

Razor’s Project Hazel Facemask

The next futuristic facemask on the list is the concept by’s and Honeywell. Xupermask the new mask (designed by which was released on April 8th 2021is marketed as a “Intelligent mask” with intergrated bluetooth headphones, which allow the wear to listen to music and make calls. It also features LED light (glow in the dark) HEPA filters to insure breathable air is as clean as possible. The designer Jose Fernandez, who designed the space suits for SpaceX (and superhero movies like Black panther and spiderman) thinks the market will really take off. The price for this piece of futuristic technology will cost about $299.00. The price for this Futuristic Fashion Forward model of this caliber might become the standard for futuristic luxury facemasks.

There are other such futuristic masks on the market: such as…..

The Elon Mask

And the……

The Incogito Futuristic Full Face Mask

So It’s not just me. THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Fashion Designer: Edwing D’Angelo

Upon hearing the designer Edwing D’ Angelo returned to Harlem, I set out to arrange a meeting with him at his brand new “Style Lab” to take a look and meet the fashion week legend himself.

Edwing D’Angleo

Having made an appointment for the following Friday, I prepared to meet this wonderful fashion creative at his new flagship atelier in Harlem. When I arrived Edwing had stepped out to run some errands (I was unaware it was his birthday) and his assistant fixed me a drink (the style lab has a full functioning bar on site) and made me feel at home in this beautiful space.

Edwing’s Style Lab

As you walk in the door, you are in the spotlight surrounded by his beautiful creations and a real life runway running straight from the front door to the back of the space, with a full length mirror at the end. enough to make any client feel like a fashion model!

The Runway at the Atelier

While I waited for this Fashion Week superstar to return, I inspected both the women’s and men’s creations of this artistic genius (enough to make your jaw drop) to my delight.


After an hour or so, Edwing had not returned and I had to go and interview another designer. Edwing’s hostess informed me that Edwing had left his phone in the atelier, but invited me to return later as guests were to arrived for a party to celebrate the designers birthday.

A couple of hours later I returned and Edwing was attending to his guests (and clients) and welcomed me to the atelier. I decided to watch Edwing in his natural element, as he moved about with grace and style.

Service with a smile…and Style
Beautiful Guests

Not wanting to ask interview questions while in the middle of his birthday gathering, I decided to defer the Q&A for another time in the future.

Edwing D’angelo

But in the meantime stop by his 2000 square foot Style-lab on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd and 131st Street in Harlem and get yourself a designer outfit off the rack (or have him custom make you one) and feel like you are a model in fashion week.