Restaurant Review: Osteria 57 Greenwich Village.

Outside dining during Covid times is difficult even for the most adept restaurateurs in frigid temperatures. Pandemic restrictions as it stands now allows for outside dining only, so many restaurants have built dining modules on sidewalks to accommodate (and stay in business) customers.

Osteria 57 in the village is one such a place that not only has outside dining modules, but managed to make it look attractive (inside and out) for diners braving the cold for the pleasure of eating out.

Osteria 57 is an Italian restaurant with a focus on Vegan, Vegetarian and Seafood dishes. I heard that this place is not only a romantic place to have dinner, but the food is expertly executed to be paired with their wines. I decided to find out for myself.

Osteria 57

I showed up in Greenwich Village around 6pm and strolled over to West 10th Street to do a review (but didn’t have a reservation) and was turned away as they did not have any tables available. So I returned the next day (with a reservation) and was given a table in a charming wooden cell module with velvet curtains. My server suggested several appetizers specials, and I went with the scallops (he just made it sound so delicious) and while they were out of Chardonnay, my waiter made an excellent suggestion of the Soave (Acinum 2016 Veneto), which was full bodied with an exceptional after taste.


The scallops was exceptionally noteworthy, in presentation and taste (I was tempted to order another) and that alone is worth the trip in itself. I slowly enjoyed this appetizer, savoring each bite made from a chef with true vision. For the Entree I ordered the Steelhead Salmon (Pan seared with pickled radish and lemon butter sauce), and my waiter gave marked approval of my choice.

Steelhead Salmon

The Steelhead Salmon was in fact quite good, but not as good as the scallops. I also ordered a side of seasoned baked potatoes, to round out the meal. I would give the service 3 stars, the decor (makeshift) 3 1/2 stars, the wine and food 4 stars. You could do a lot worse by taking your partner to this restaurant on Valentines Day for dinner. The food, ambience, and wine all combine to make for a perfect evening.

Osteria 57 is located at: 57 West 10th Street off of 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village.

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