The Roaring 2020’s and Fashion Moving Forward: Is History Repeating Itself?

We have now moved into the second decade of the 21st century, the 2020s. Are we repeating the same patterns from 100 years ago? Back in the spring of 1918 the world was reeling from the the Spanish Flu, with roughly 500 million infected with the virus globally and about 675,000 died from it in U.S. alone.

All citizens were ordered to wear masks, businesses, schools and theaters were shut down while makeshift morgues piled up the dead. (sound familiar?) Well after the Spanish Flu pandemic was over, guess what happened then? The roaring 1920’s!

Spanish Flu Pandemic 1918

We can compare and contrast some of the similarities from 100 years ago going down the line. But what about fashion? In the 1920’s flappers defined the style of the times and men was always well dressed in suits and hats. In the 2020’s I predict there will be a blending of the future and the past, defining an era of freethinking expression in how we dress.

The Modern Retro look.
Women’s Elegant Styles

Men will recreate the meaning of modern class with bold new looks that don’t distract, but rather command respect on first sight.

Modern Future Class
Future Formal

So is history repeating itself? Maybe it is, but fashion will always be moving forward. Let’s all join hands as we embark into the roaring 2020’s! There will be much to celebrate.

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