Restaurant Review: Indian Summer Harlem

Open for about a year Indian Summer Restaurant has been open on Lenox Ave, the only other “Indian” restaurant in Harlem that I know of besides Chaiwali. The restaurant bills itself as “Traditional Indian Cuisine”, so I figured that I would have to visit it as the Solar return from their opening approached.

Indian Summer Harlem

Taking over the space formally occupied by BLVD restaurant (BLVD Bistro now moved to the former location of “Street Bird”) looks roughly the same inside, save for the Indian inspired decor.

Indian Summer

When I arrived there was only one couple outside in the covered patio, and one woman inside (the review was done two days before indoor dining was shut down again) besides myself.

Outside Patio

After undergoing the Covid-19 questionnaire and temperature check, I was seated at my table and scanned the menu to to see what dish would be worthy of my review (I didn’t have a clue), so I inquired my waiter on what was their best dish and that I would be reviewing the food.

Plastic Wrapped Dishes

I marveled at the precautions that they took to keep their patrons safe, such as plate, silverware and napkin plastic wrapped. Once I felt safe I began to relax, and fell into that cozy dinner (restaurant review) mode.

Outside Patio

To start I had the Vegetable Samosas (Cauliflower, potatoes and eggplant fried in a batter made from chick pea flour and spices) which had a sort of festive presentation to it.

Vegetable Samosas
Vegetable Samosas

The appetizer was quite enjoyable indeed (not just looked pretty) and is an item on the menu that I will most certainly have again. The side sauces really put this dish over the top….and began to get me in a festive mood.

The Side Sauces

For the main course I ordered the: Chicken Jalfrezi (chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with stir fired peppers and onions). it sounded “traditional” but it definitely looked traditional….and delicious.

Chicken Jalfrezi

I ordered a side of pita bread (on instinct) in order to balance out my meal. I remember asking for low spicy, but it was more like medium spicy, however that didn’t compromise the integrity of the dish itself.

I would rate the food 3 1/2 stars (which means that I would eat here again soon). The service 3 stars, decor 3 stars, outside patio 4 stars. As I said, the food alone lulled me into a festive mood. The experience was more than I expected.

Outside Patio
Festive Mood

Indian Summer is located at 239 Lenox Ave New York, NY 10027 (646) 952-0300 on West 122nd Street. Until further notice delivery & pick up and outside dining only. Order on their Website:

You can be certain that I will be back to try more of their “Traditional Indian Cuisine”

The Legend of the Mistletoe’s Association with Christmas.

Only once a year we are all reminded of that obligatory ritual of kissing under the mistletoe during the yuletide (Christmas) season. However very few question (or at all) why we are obliged to kiss when we find ourselves directly under that poisonous hanging parasitic shrub. Mistletoe is a flowering parasitic plant (angiosperms) that live off of other plants and trees, in addition to their photosynthesis capabilities.


The ancient Romans and Greeks are said to have started the tradition during the festival of Saturnalia during yuletide, which was the pagan feast that Christmas was superimposed upon. The plant was used by them in marriage ceremonies due to it’s association with fertility. The ancient Romans settled their feuds under the plant as it symbolized peace. The Romans in midwinter would adorn their houses and temples with mistletoe to please their gods.

The Death of Baldur.

In Norse mythology mistletoe was sacred to the goddess Frigga (the Norse goddess of love). Loki the god of mischief launched an arrow or spear (take your pick) made of mistletoe and killed her and Odin’s son Baldur. Having foreknowledge of Baldor’s death, Frigga made all the animals and plants promise not to harm her son in an effort to advert the prophecy. However she overlooked the mistletoe! In one version of this myth, Frigga (along with the help of the other Norse gods) was able to restore Baldor back to life under the mistletoe. Frigga declared that anyone who stands under the plant would be protected from death…..and deserving of a kiss!

In Victorian England the rite of kissing under the mistletoe was taken rather seriously.

The Christmas Mistletoe.

If a girl was under the mistletoe and refused a kiss, she was not to get any marriage proposals for the next year! A gentleman should pick one berry while kissing a lady on the cheek, one berry must be picked for each kiss.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe.

So the next time you find yourself under the threshold of this beautiful, and poisonous plant, remember that the Norse goddess of love is protecting you from death….and promises you a kiss!

Fashion News: Brooks Brothers Hire Michael Bastian as Creative Director.

After being saved from bankruptcy by Authentic Brands Group and Simon Property Group for $325 million the owners have hired Michael Bastian as creative director (formally the men’s fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman) who launched his own fashion line in 2006.

Bastian most recently held the position as creative director for Ted Baker.

Elegant Classy Gentleman Future Wear.

The Elegant Classy Gentleman is happy to announce the release of the Future Wear collection. The Future Wear collection embodies the commitment to utilitarian style and bio-sustainability in our fashion accessories and apparel.

The Side Tactical Chest Rig

The Side Tactical Chest Rig: Features a zip open side inner compartment, build in USB phone charging port (charge your phone on the go anytime, anywhere) with power source, LED lights, EMF Radiation Shielding Fabric lining (Copper/Nickel alloy which can shield from 10Mhz to 5Ghz) which protects from microwaves and EMF radiation.

EMF Shielding “Faraday Fabriclining
Full Chest Tactical Rig

The Full Chest Tactical Rig: features USB Cell Phone charging port, LED lights, EMF Radiation Shielding Fabric lining (Copper/Nickel alloy which can shield from 10Mhz to 5Ghz) which protects from microwaves and EMF radiation. Front and side pocket compartments, fully adjustable.

EMF Radiation Shielding
The Future Wear Adventure Hoodie

The Future Wear Adventure Hoodie: The Elegant Classy Gentleman future wear hoodie will keep you warm and stylish as you embark on you’re Autumn and Winter adventure’s for the future!

The Future Wear Collection will be available online shortly. THE FUTURE IS NOW!

See you in the Future!