Restaurant Review: Savann Mediterranean Restaurant.

On 122nd Street and Frederick Douglas Blvd is the Savaan Restaurant (across the street from the police precinct) which I always knew was there but never visited it for some reason. I never really dined on Turkish food except for the occasional sweets that co-workers shared on special events, but I wasn’t prepared for the full dining experience right here in Harlem.

Savann first opened on the Upper East Side in 1997, and years later moved to Harlem, and has been operating for almost 20 years between the two locations. I really liked the dim lights which contrasted nicely with the semi-rustic interior deco, which sets the mood for a romantic and mysterious dinner vibe.

I sat at a table by the front window that gave me a view of the classic bar, and dining tables.

The ambience of the restaurant gave me a safe and cozy feeling, that I found to be very inviting.

I ordered a Chardonnay (Raebum Russian River Valley) while I navigated the menu to choose what I would have for dinner. I ordered the soup of the day to start, which was American fish clam chowder.

Soup of the Day

The chowder was extremely good, so good that if that’s all I had it would be enough to give a stellar review. I marveled at the rich flavor and fresh tasting chowder with large portions of fish and tangy taste of bay leaf.

For the main course I ordered the MANTI Lamb dumplings in yogurt sauce, with melted butter and sumac.


This dish was so delicious that I found myself eating it very slowly (as to prolong the meal for as long as possible) the sauce was just spicy enough as to not distract from the lamb dumplings.

The Manti was fulfilling on many levels and would highly recommend this dish to everyone.

Chef Galp Ozbek was observing me from the behind the bar as I was reviewing (and enjoying) the main dish. It was apparent from my body language and facial expressions how much I was enjoying this meal.

Savaan Mediterranean Restaurant is located at 2280 Frederick Douglas Blvd in Harlem. Website:

A perfect spot for a quiet romantic dinner. Mysterious and intriguing with excellent food and wine. I rate this place four stars off the top!

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