How My Brother and I Started the E-Bike Movement in Harlem and the Bronx.

Towards the end of the Covid-19 quarantine in late May, my younger brother and I was pondering on how (while watching Netflicks) we would entertain ourselves for the coming Summer of 2020. While going over various ideas, my brother pulled out his phone and showed me a mini e-bike called the Jetson Bolt, I than pulled out my phone and showed him the same bike in my shopping cart on Amazon.

Realizing that we both had the same idea independently, we immediately began to plan for reducing our carbon footprint (I made a commitment to protect the environment along with sustainability) utilizing clean energy for urban transport. Sounds exciting…..doesn’t it?

So before dipping our feet into the whole thing, we did our due diligence (watching review videos, and reading customer reviews who had purchased it) and decided that the best course of action was to purchase used/refurbished bikes to test the speed, performance, battery life, distance and kinks.

We ordered two refurbished bikes for about $130 less than brand new bikes from a company called Hypermicro Systems. In about two weeks the bikes were delivered and we excited to start testing the bikes. Opening and setting up his e-bike first, my brother’s e-bike did not work out of the box. I on the other hand unpacked my bike (which almost flew out the window, as my hand was on the throttle) and found it in working order.

Hypermicro Systems refurbished Jetson Bolt

So with only one working e-bike I took if out for a run, while my brother repacked the non working one to be shipped back for replacement (we purchased a two year warranty on both bikes) and contact the insurer foursquare. We purchased the bikes on E-Bay.

I was able to reach a speed of about 17 mph, with a hydraulic rear disk brake I was having the time of my life! I found myself taking it out almost everyday (yes I did share the bike with my brother) when my brother wasn’t riding it. When the warranty company got back to us, they said something about contacting Jetson for replacement (but we purchased it from them, not Jetson), so we returned it through E-Bay and purchased another from Hypermicro Systems, once we received the refund from E-Bay.

When my brother received his 2nd bike (about 2 1/2 weeks later) we have already been riding around the Bronx and Harlem like crazy (but now we can ride together) which lasted for about three weeks, when my bike suddenly stopped working, and getting the same non service from Foursqaure I returned it through E-Bay got my refund and decided to Purchase a “Brand New” Jetson Bolt from Jetson itself.

Brand new Jetson Bolt

I purchased a rear basket and affixed a bottle/cup holder on my new “Bolt” and my morning commute was never the same. The Jetson Bolt is easy store (handle bar folds down) and has a built in carrying handle, with the bike weighing only 35lbs. You get about 2 1/2-3 hours on a full charge and with the app I was able to increase the speed to about 19 mph.

Jetson Bolt with DYU basket

However with a maximum distance of only 15 miles (more like 13) on a full charge I got some front bike bags to carry the charger, to charge on the go if we found ourselves riding longer and not wanting to carry it on train when we ran out of power. But to satisfy the craving for longer distance riding, we discovered Wheels!

Wheels E-Bike Rental

We had Wheels deliver our E-Bike Rentals and haven’t looked back. Wheels can go over 22 mph and a distance of 30 miles on a full charge, and comes with built in LED lights on the side, Bluetooth speaker to play music and GPS anti-theft tracking system and the best feature is that only you can turn on the bike with your phone via a QR code.

Wheels 1st version

Whenever we were out riding (everyday) people would flag us down to ask about, take a picture (gather info) about the bikes, and as the weeks rolled along we noticed other people in the Bronx and Harlem with the bikes that we had first, and are still riding.

Wheels 2.0

Now we have upgraded and are riding the Wheels 2.0 which has move safety/anti-theft features and comes in all Black. So far I have seen only one maybe two 2.0’s riding in Harlem. I myself will most likely be riding till mid November.

Come and join us in the E-Bike Revolution!

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