Restaurant Review: The Best Places for Outdoor Dining in Harlem.

After months of not being able to “eat out”, restaurants had to make many changes to comply with post quarantine rules for outside dining. During the latter half of the summer I went to check out which were the best for outdoor dining (and drinking) in Harlem.


Renaissance was one of first to open with outdoor dining post quarantine, and It gave me the feeling that I could adapt to the new normal. This Sudanese owned restaurant has a well rounded menu (and a hearty happy hour). I love the shrimp tempura and seafood platter which can be quite additive, and they boost the 2016 chardonnay by the glass which is the best in Harlem or comparable to Bara Wine Harlem which has more than one selection of chardonnay. 


Lido Harlem

Lido did not seem to miss a beat after outdoor dining was allowed, they were quick to set up a lovely outdoor dining space and the food is always on par with flavorful fancies, and delicious eats.

Lido Harlem

B2 (B Squared) Harlem

BSquared Harlem

This gem (hidden) of a restaurant is always worth visiting for their unique crafted cocktails and innovative dishes that tantalizing the palette. Still has the best catfish in Harlem along with fresh seafood selected by the owner/chef.

B Squared Harlem
B2 Harlem

Chaiwali Harlem


Chaiwali is not only one of my favorite places to eat in Harlem, but it’s the most romantic setting to dine with you’re significant other. The most recent item on the menu, the Lotus fries is now one of my personal favorites!

Chaiwali Harlem

Chaiwali leads the pack of restaurants in Harlem in raising the bar on diner’s safety, with sanitizing stations all throughout restaurant as well as sanitizing the bathroom every hour on the hour.

Ruby’s Vintage/Sexy Taco Pop Up


Ruby’s Vintage pays homage to the former Lenox Ave restaurant, and it’s iconic transformations from Native restaurant on 118th street. Have dinner and drinks while reminiscing of the golden age of the Lenox Ave dining scene of 12 years ago.

Ruby’s Vintage

Archer & Goat


After some front renovation to comply with outside dining laws, Archer & Goat makes it’s return on Lenox Ave and opened late during the summer, but….better late then never! The simple yet complex dishes are a much welcome return!

Archer & Goat



I had the pleasure of meeting the two charming ladies owners of this (low-key/upscale) restaurant, and the greater pleasure of dining there. A must visit indeed! This restaurant will have it’s own review which will be published in two days. Be sure to read it then!

I highly recommend these Harlem restaurant, but you don’t have to take my word for it…..go take a visit!

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