Finding the Right Face Mask to Match your Summer Attire.

The summer of covid-19 is as surreal and different as anyone could have imagined! Forcing us all to adapt to a new way of shopping, eating out, getting around, and staying safe during this “Strange” pandemic era.


Face masks have now become a huge part of our daily lives, and subsequently has become the “essential” fashion accessory for all of us. Being as it may, many of us want to make it fashion!

face-masks-1595627855A good place to start to find a suitable or matching face mask for you summer outfit can go from spot on to tricky, to a perfect combo with so many colors, styles and patterns emerging everyday, as well as many mask vendors all over the city with a variety of masks for just about everyone.

images (1)

Many (with some sewing skills) elect to make their own. I found a few with patterns that match up quite well with some of my suits, and other styled outfits which makes it easy as we adjust and navigate the summer of Covid-19.


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