Fashion News: LVMH Tiffany’s Buyout deal Stalled.


LVMH’s acquisition of  Tiffany’s & Co has been stalled due to the global pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, which has caused an economic fallout which now has LVMH reconsidering it’s $16.2 billion buyout of the luxury jewelry company.


Situation’s continue to jeopardize what would be the largest luxury buyout in history. On Tuesday June 2nd Tiffany & Co shares fell 9%, fueling fears that Tiffany will not be able to meet it’s debt repayment obligations stipulated in the buyout deal.

images (1)

A board meeting on Monday by LVMH in Paris to discuss the takeover deal with management, showed major concern with the economic fallout caused by Covid-19 and racial unrest as first reported by WWD, putting the deal in doubt. No decision has been reached as of yet.


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