Integrating PPE and Fashion: The Future of Apparel’s “New Norm” in Fashion and Street Wear.

The second and most deadliest wave of the “Retail Apocalypse” is now (Covid-19 empowered) more than three times it’s former might, and has left a path of destruction so powerful that it toppled fashion giants and greats (either died or on life support) to such a degree that it changed the whole fashion landscape…….Forever!

2007026-994774850Leaving a whole niche (actually several) wide open for emerging fashion brands that reflect the times (Covid-19 times), and offer something of value to consumers. The CDC’s “recommendation” that all citizens out in public wear a face mask, or covering to prevent the spread (and now has become an essential outerwear item, much like men wearing hats in the 50’s and 60’s) as a preventive measure, boomed into a full blown fashion statement movement.

images (9)However a traumatized post Covid-19 world will require and demand a bit more. With the advent of Covid-19, 5G radiation, polluted air and water integrating PPE into fashion and everyday apparel makes sense, and in fact is starting now in it’s infancy (thanks to Covid-19).

Face mask’s made with copper is taking hold (due to it’s natural anti-viral/bacterial properties) is a perfect example of integrating Fashion & PPE. However in a post Covid-19 world, we must go further.

images (6)

Upstart ‘s for this type of Hostile/Climate/Environmental Protective “future clothing” are already springing up, such as this upper body protective “space suit” designed to be worn at sporting events and concerts.                                                                                  

Radiation shielding and Conductive Fabrics will be merged with stylish design to create a “New Norm” in how with wear and perceive fashion that is protective for the wearer, while setting new trends in sustainability and protection in fashion street wear.


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