PROJECT New York: Global Menswear Trade Show. Jacob Javits Center.

On January 21st 2020 Jean Germain  and I caught the last day of PROJECT NEW YORK, at the Javits Center in Manhattan. A three day menswear trade show which showcased a plethora of men’s wear brands from around the world, and spanned hundreds of thousands of square feet at the Jacobs Javits Center.

20200129_165815A haven/heaven for Elegant Classy Gentleman (such as ourselves) with everything from men’s designer suits to shoes, ties vests, overcoats/sports jackets/belts/sweaters/dress shirts, you name it from around the globe!

20200129_170621Jean and I got there a bit late, and could only peruse a small faction of what this mega menswear trade show had to offer. We soon found ourselves dodging forklifts with hundreds of pounds of men’s clothes in crates.

20200129_170238But not before we saw what was left on the showroom floor! And even that tiny faction we got to see was brilliantly impressive.




20200129_170849The Project Menswear trade show will return to New York in July 2020 from 19th-21st. Jean and I will be there! and this time we will get there early for optimum coverage of this Mega Men’s clothing event. They will be in Las Vegas in February and August, and Tokyo in March and September.

We’ll see you then.



Mike Strange: Editor in Chief

Jean Germain: Logistical Executive

Jessica Phillp: Business/Marketing Executive

Photo credit: Jean Germain

Wrist wear: courtesy of Justice by Justine Jewelry

Jacob Javits Center

Project New York

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