Opening Ceremony is Acquired by New Guards Group.

On January 13 it was reported by the Business of Fashion, that New Guards Group (NGG) which is owned by Farfetch announced publicly that it has acquired Opening Ceremony’s intellectual property & trademark. It is believed that NGG will likely take over the in-house production of Opening Ceremony’s accessories and clothing line.

Opening CeremonyHumberto Leon and Carol Lim, the founders of Opening Ceremony will be directly involved in new roles as co creative directors for the brand, with a focus on in the house label brand and collaborations. Lim and Leon will still retain ownership of the retail part of the brand, which still is currently operating four stores. In New York City, on Howard Street, the Ace Hotel in New York City, in Las Angeles on the La Cienega Boulevard and in Tokyo in Omotasando.

ocstore_acenyc“Our curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at the center of Opening Ceremony since we founded the company and our continued search for innovation led us to this partnership with Davide de Giglio and Andrea Grilli, who have created one of the best global brand platforms in existence today,” The two founders said in a statement together. “This next step for Opening Ceremony means we get to connect our desire to invent the future and design for our community to a dynamic infrastructure.”


A profile published in the New Yorker in 2017, said that Lim and Leon opened in 2002, the original location on Howard Street of Opening Ceremony with a small business loan, and their own savings.

openingceremony_102013_opening_7f__x_large-1440x630New Guards Group is now taking production of it’s in-house line to Milan, and will open a new show room of Opening Ceremony’s in house line in Paris, as reported by the Business of Fashion.

Restaurant Review: Bar LunAtico. Bed Stuy Brooklyn.

While I was traveling in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn to meet with someone to interview for a story. I got a bit lost on the address.  Since it was windy and a bit cold, I ducked into a cozy bar/restaurant to warm up and get my bearings. (and have a glass of Chardonnay of course) I noticed how packed this place was (it was a Monday Night!), and the live music, was from what little I heard quite good. They didn’t have Chardonnay, but the white wine they did have was very good as well! Making contact with the person that I was due to meet was my signal for the check. But before I left I give my business card to my server, and told him that I would return the following night to do a restaurant review.

20200130_111111As promised, I returned the following evening to check out this charming albeit small local music venue, and my server from the previous evening recognized me as I took a seat at the bar (the place was packed again, Tuesday Night), which I had to work for. I was told by Zeek (my server from the night before) that he was glad that I returned and gave one of the owners my card, as well as inform her that I was going to do a restaurant review that evening. She looked at my card, then looked at me and said: “He does look like an Elegant Classy Gentleman”.

As I tried to make myself comfortable in the tight space at the bar in my seat, I took a closer look at the trappings and décor of this “STRANGE” and delightfully cozy venue, (that seemed to be packed every night of the week) and tried to figure out the features that seemed to touch and embrace every era, in a way that was not sloppy or haphazardly arranged, but sort of blended together seamlessly engaging the senses.



I was a bit impressed with the décor set up, (ok, very impressed) as it was not only unique and inviting but reminded me of what a post-modern hipster spot from the 60’s would look like today……and it is! The atmosphere is relaxed and chill with such a positive vibe! All the patrons was warm and friendly, and I found myself chatting away with local regulars, as well as regulars who travel from other boroughs to be here 2-3 nights a week, just to hear the live bands that perform here every night.

20200129_204945 Zeek at one point asked if I liked Jazz, and I responded that I Love Jazz. At that point he told me that I was in for a real treat, as Wayne Tucker & the Bad Mothas was performing tonight.

20200130_111216So forewarned I ordered a glass (Not Chardonnay) of that brilliant wine I had the night before: Garganega Gini, a 2018 Soave Classico (love the name too!) Veneto, Ita, with notes of hawthorn flowers, apricots, and citrus. And this stellar wine is Organic! And Hummus served with toasted Sweet bread to start.


20200130_111339The hummus was topped with olive oil and spices, and the toasted sweet bread was an added touch that made it most interesting, and just enough to hold me till my main dinner arrived.

Next I ordered the Roasted Chicken, which was served with baked Cabbage and spiced Yogurt!

20200130_111453(Roasted Chicken with baked cabbage and spiced yogurt)

20200130_111539Now let me explain. This dish yet simple, was the most deliciously complex that I’ve had in quite some time. The textures of the roast chicken and baked cabbage, somehow wonderfully contrasted with the spiced yogurt to give such a unique take on this simple dish that I was desperately trying to contain my pleasure (they were watching me you know) on how much I enjoyed it.

20200130_112229(Liquid Love)

Before the band performs, one of the owners rings a bell from behind the bar to demand that you cease your conversations, so he/she can (which ever owner presides that night) announce the band and beg your attention. (this place is charming!). Another great thing about this place, is there isn’t a cover but between sets, one of the owners (whoever’s presiding) will pass along what appeared to be a musical instrument case of some sort, to collect a “suggested donation” of $10.00. Totally optional!

20200130_112614The band started playing their first Jazz set, and I sat back to listen as I was lulled into a calm and chill mood (especially after such good food), and decided to try one of their signature cocktails: “The Liquid Love” as the band played.

The Liquid love: Siete Misterios Mezcal, reposado tequila, chili, honey and lime. This cocktail delivered on it’s promise, as I did in fact fall in love with this drink.

20200130_112638The patrons are an international crowd of people who love real good live jazz music. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, European, American. All are represented and welcome here at LunAtico! And everyone is jiving to the Awesome Jazz sets. If there was a corner of heaven on earth, this place would be it! This place is truly a hidden gem in Brooklyn.

20200129_205000This charming Jazz venue in Bed Stuy has been around Five Years strong, and I should have been so lucky to just come upon this place by happenstance! The three owners of this music venue are: Rosita Kess, Richard Julian, and Arthur Kell. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosita (an enchanting Italian) after my review, and remarked on how she was working, bussing and serving tables just as hard as the staff (if not harder), and she shared with me how they (the three owners) used to be musicians as well, so have a plethora of good bands that they are friends with. And also how she designed the venue’s décor.

20200130_112718(Mike Strange, co-owner Rosita Kess)

20200129_225401(Zeek, Mike Strange)

20200130_112841(Mike Strange, Liz)

20200203_234143(Mike Strange, co-owner Arthur Kell)

Being carried away by the superior live jazz music, wonderful company, delicious and healthy food, great drinks and wine. I found myself literally closing the place. I give this spot an overall 4 1/5 star rating, and the music a 5 as they have incredible talent performing EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. I have been back to LunAtico about three times since my review, and everything I saw, and experienced since the first time was still in place. I recommend this place for a romantic date (especially if you like live Jazz Music), or a destination place for the evening with friends, or even alone. It’s virtually impossible to not have a good time here. A perfect place for a Valentine’s Day evening with your date, if you can get a table or seat at the bar, so get there early

LunAtico is located at 486 Halsey Street in Bedford Stuyvesent Brooklyn NY, on the corner of Lewis Ave. Here’s a link to their website:


You’ll find me squeezed in at the bar, or table with a glass of their amazing wines or cocktails vibing to their “gypsy jazz” and “neo-folk” live bands! (you will spot me immediately as the only over dressed classy gentleman).

PROJECT New York: Global Menswear Trade Show. Jacob Javits Center.

On January 21st 2020 Jean Germain  and I caught the last day of PROJECT NEW YORK, at the Javits Center in Manhattan. A three day menswear trade show which showcased a plethora of men’s wear brands from around the world, and spanned hundreds of thousands of square feet at the Jacobs Javits Center.

20200129_165815A haven/heaven for Elegant Classy Gentleman (such as ourselves) with everything from men’s designer suits to shoes, ties vests, overcoats/sports jackets/belts/sweaters/dress shirts, you name it from around the globe!

20200129_170621Jean and I got there a bit late, and could only peruse a small faction of what this mega menswear trade show had to offer. We soon found ourselves dodging forklifts with hundreds of pounds of men’s clothes in crates.

20200129_170238But not before we saw what was left on the showroom floor! And even that tiny faction we got to see was brilliantly impressive.




20200129_170849The Project Menswear trade show will return to New York in July 2020 from 19th-21st. Jean and I will be there! and this time we will get there early for optimum coverage of this Mega Men’s clothing event. They will be in Las Vegas in February and August, and Tokyo in March and September.

We’ll see you then.



Mike Strange: Editor in Chief

Jean Germain: Logistical Executive

Jessica Phillp: Business/Marketing Executive

Photo credit: Jean Germain

Wrist wear: courtesy of Justice by Justine Jewelry

Jacob Javits Center

Project New York