Fashion News: The Rising Demand for Rare and Collectible High Fashion Couture.

Collecting fashion used to only be confined to a few “fringe sort” fashionitas and museums, now everyone and there sister’s cousin is scrambling for “vintage collectable fashion” and “vintage Haute Couture”. The market for collectable High Fashion has begun to skyrocket.


Second hand retailers and private collectors are snatching up museum quality collectable fashion, and the prices are sharply rising. Wealthy socialites and fashion experts are increasingly demanding such item’s in droves. Prices for fashion collectable have recently skyrocketed since 2004 according to Bloomberg data that was published by Invaluable, a very large digital marketplace.

download (1)

It’s not just for investment but has very much to do with having a piece of fashion history.

images (1)PT104_6-600x600

The online buying and selling has created a very lucrative market and seems to be gaining more traction.


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