The Arts: Savior Elmundo 3D Letter Show in Tribeca.

On October 16th I received a text from Jean Germain (My logistical executive) asking if I’m going to the “show” that night. “What show”? I responded, and a few seconds later I saw an invite to Savior Elmundo’s show for 6pm. Why didn’t I know about this beforehand? I asked myself, (more on this later) and immediately checked my schedule for the rest of the evening, to make sure that I could arrive on time, or at all for that matter as it was raining cats and dogs that day.

20191018_090628(Artist: Savior Elmundo)

Seeing that I didn’t have any pressing matters for that night, I made my way downtown to Tribeca in Manhattan to the loft art gallery where he was having his solo 3D Letter Show. Now I first met Savior last year at a brunch art show on Canal Street that he curated, which I liked so much I covered it (while having brunch) and wrote an article.


At the brunch art show there were a host of other artist creating and showcasing their work, but my conversation with Savior Elmundo was the most interesting. While speaking with him I found myself captivated by his stories and was also very impressed by his “Street Art” creations.

20191102_164442So I arrived downtown to the gallery (soaking wet) despite my umbrella and got on the elevator to the fourth floor I think and entered into Savior’s street art presentation.

20191102_164210I spotted Savior and walked over to say hello, and he expressed that he was glad that I could make it to his show (unaware that I just found out today), and to peruse his work, and so I did.

20191102_163857Whenever I see Savior, I’m taken back to the 1980’s as he reminds me of Keith Herring and even dresses like the street “Tag” artist of that era, like he time traveled through the decades to bring the 80’s scene and art back with him. 20191102_164527

Savior Elmundo’s work is quite authentic, and rich with the feeling and vibe of that wonderful decade which he brings to life in his art work.





20191102_163217I left his show with Jean and our other two companions and we ventured back into the rain to find a suitable place to eat in Tribeca. But I’m still thinking of why I did not know of the this show earlier, I mean we are friends on Instagram……Yes INSTAGRAM! I check my instagram account and discover that somehow I stopped following him on my account (how could this happen), and during the course of my investigation, I discover that it happened to other friends of mine. I checked and they too were “unfollowed” by me but not by my design. I corrected this mishap and will be more vigilant in the future.

20191103_153910Follow this talented “Street Artist” on Instagram: @saviorelmundo

And to quote this artistic gentleman: “STOP BITCHING AND MAKE ART!”



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