Downtown Fashion Week New York: Fashion & Entertainment Show.

I was contacted by the performance & recording artist Damion Anthony who told me that he would be performing at the Downtown Fashion Week New York show on September 27th, and would like me to come and cover the show as well as his performance (as I only seen him perform live once). I expressed that I would love to see him perform again (and cover the show). On the day of the show I was sent two V.I.P. tickets to the event and made my way to Times Square that evening to cover the show, but more so to see Damion’s singing and dance routine.

received_525931524650143(Damion Anthony: Downtown Fashion Week New York)

20190927_175143(Damion Anthony)

For those of you who have not heard of Damion Anthony, he is an Indie recording artist of the pop/reggae/fusion music genre as well as a high energy performance dancer. He also appears in Amanda Holley’s first music video (tommy boy records) Feening. Damion known for his energetic dance moves, and outfits always deliver a great performance of song and dance.

20190927_174037As I sat in the front row waiting for the show to start, I spotted Damion in the back chatting with members of his dance troupe and walked over to greet him and offer words of encouragement for his two set’s he was about to perform. I returned to my seat with anticipation for the entertainment segments of the show, and of course the fashion.

The show opened with a female Dominican dancer, which was very lackluster followed by an Indian Hula Hoop dancer that was a bit more entertaining and interesting I thought to myself, as the main performance of the entertainment segment would be Anthony and his dancers.

20190927_182028After a few sound and music snafu’s, the fashion show commenced, and while some of the designs was not any thing special really, the models were all quite stunning.







Now while the female models were all quite beautiful, It was the male models that gave more swag and attitude while walking down the catwalk!




20190927_185034While this fashion show was not bad, and the entertainment portion was able to fill in for what the other parts of this lacked, it was Damion Anthony’s performance which really brought fashion week excitement to this show.

20190927_194839I left after Damion’s set and will wait for February 2020 Fashion Week to give you more coverage of the fashion week world in the new year. See you then!


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