Small Boutique Fashion Week: Fashion Show Highlights.

On September 8th 2019 the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine was once again invited to The Small Boutique Fashion Week show as the press for the event. However after being spoiled from the previous Small Boutique Fashion Week in February, at the Harold Pratt House on East 68th Street and Madison Ave. We were (and a lot of other people) very disappointed with the venue for this show, which was at some bar in Hell’s Kitchen on the way end of 10th Ave.


The production for the show this September seemed very unorganized and rushed. We could have covered a host of other Fashion Week shows on that day, but we were already there. Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine photographer Natasha Swartz took over the reins and jumped into the press pit to get some shots anyway. The ones she captured was worth it!



09D53CEC-A602-4D9C-BDE0-D31A37654184After the amazing success of SBFW’s show in February we found this one lacking in scope and depth and a bit less entertaining. We hope they return to the Fashion Mansion in February 2020 and regain the prestige and glamour they had at their former fashion week show.


Thank you Natasha for carrying on with the coverage!



Photos: Natasha Swartz. @Natasha_photostudio

Photo of Natasha: Cynthia Vargas

Mike Strange: Editor in Chief

Jean Germain: Logistical Executive

Jessica Phillip: Business/Marketing Executive




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