Restaurant Review: Brunch at ZUSIK.

It’s a sunny Saturday early afternoon, and I find myself walking down 14th Street browsing vintage shops, and looking for a rare great find to add to my wardrobe. It’s summer, it’s the weekend and I’m out and about early killing some time before heading my way to a fashion press party to pose, network, and compare notes and info with my fellow members of the press.

As I went about my business to spend some leisure time with myself, people on the street kept stopping me asking me for directions, a cigarette, money, and one delightful (Made my day) women walked up to shake my hand and said: “I just want to say to you that you are a very handsome man”.  It seemed that I was not allowed to be left alone with my thoughts (or just day dream for that matter) and ideas!

So what does a gentleman do? He slips in the nearest empty Korean Restaurant on 14th street, takes a seat at the bar and order brunch of course!

The name of the restaurant was ZUSIK. The interior was simple upscale Asian décor. I was greeted by the women at the bar who was all smiles and eager to make me comfortable as I was the only patron in the place, (that’s why I ducked into this place, no people) as she hands me the brunch menu.

Zusik,_Korean_Restaurant,_West_Village,_NYC_2bFeeling safe at the bar in my solitude, I watched as the people walked by (and not into me) and settled to try their Korean version of “Eggs Benedict”.  The Name Zu-Sik translates to: Zu=(drink) and Sik=(food) yes, drink and food!

As I wait for my brunch, I sip on my water and return to my personal thoughts while I conduct some business on my cell phone, and then…the unthinkable happens. A man walks in off the street and heads straight towards me, as the Korean girl rushes from behind the bar to intercept him reaching me and says “you cannot disturb customers”, while the man says: “I can speak to whomever I chose to”, with me in the middle of them both, sitting on my stool. What does a gentleman do? I take command of the situation!

1Surprising the two of them, I turn to the girl (my server) and say: “He is correct, he can speak to whomever he likes”. Then I turn to him and said: “She too is correct, you are disturbing me, respect the lady, and state your business!” Or course he starts to go into a bunch of nonsense about this and that and asks for money. I cut him short and tell him his actions are rude and disrespectful and he needs to leave, with no delay. The guy apologizes, turns around and leaves (why did I come in here again for?) and the bar girl goes on to tell me a story about a similar incident the other day.

Needless to say after all this drama (Why!? Why!?) I have worked up an appetite and ready for my Korean Fusion Brunch. 

20190803_142818My Eggs Benedict arrives: poached, salmon, spinach, soy hollandaise sauce, steam bun. Served with a side salad, truffle fries and a choice of mimosa, rossini, sparkler, brewed coffee or tea. I had the mimosa with mine.

20190803_142809The presentation of my dish was subtle simplicity, neat and visually appealing.

I was very with pleased the smooth texture and asian fusion taste of the steamed bun in place of the traditional English Muffin. The truffle fries and side salad balanced out my meal in an unexpected and enjoyable way. The whole meal was $19.00 ($26.00 with tip).

Glad I ducked in.

Zusik is located at: 202 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011


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