Millennials and Fashion: How they are shaping and influencing the industry.

Yes I know the millennial generation gets a very bad rep at a whole slew of things, but the one thing that is for certain is that they are exerting a huge influence on the fashion industry, which is shaping the way they present their brands and guiding new ones.


Millennials are geared towards fashion, that is of good quality, durable, and timeless. (meaning the fashion their buying will not go out of style, and made of lasting quality). According to Business Insider in a recent report, they prefer more the “classic/heritage style’s”. Millennials heavy use of social media allows them to know what brands that embrace “social responsibility and environmental sustainability”.

imagesUBVXSI93According to the Business Insider’s report and study on this topic “found that 94% of Gen Y consumers want products that are functional and 93% favor high-quality purchases.” Long lasting clothing of very high quality is what they are spending money on rather than fast fashion such as Zara or H&M. Millennials still shop and buy “fast-fashion”, but at a much lower rate and more infrequently.


Authenticity,Sustainability,Durability, the call for their shopping loyalty. However like much else in life, their moods, taste’s and needs can change very rapidly, so it’s important for fashion brands to be more inclusive with their millennial shoppers, as they are replacing magazine and poster ads with social media, and models with social media influencers.

imagesXYDEVO9OEngaging them with your “core” values as a brand will go a long way with customer loyalty with them, and many brands are “bending & shifting” the way that they market their clothing to Generation Z.  Fashion’s future is for them to shape and direct for better or for worse.


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