Harlem Twin Art: Duel Inspirations Art Show.

20190729_140315On a Saturday July 20th (a pivotal day for me) while on my way to a restaurant review in Harlem with Jean Germain (my logistical executive) as we had just finished covering a summer fashion show on the Hudson, and happened upon an event happening at the


20190729_144316Venue: (located at 2284 Adam Clayton Powell BLVD). Jean actually prompted us to go in and check out this Art Opening by these twin sister artists: Dual Inspirations.


Harlem Twin Art: are Kristan and Kendal Harden.  Pretty, Intelligent, Black, and Beautiful, these twin sister artists have a statement to make, and they express them in their artistic works that goes from black-centric themes to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Abstract pieces.


Kendal is an educator and artist by trade, and studied at Spelman College, and Kristan studied fashion merchandising at F.I.T. and is concentrating on her love of creating an art business with her twin sister/partner. However both attended Frederick Douglass Academy which was just a few blocks away.


After being served Hor D’oeuvres, Wine and Beer, myself and Jean inspected the various works of these twin beauties and was a bit more than impressed with the artistic talents they presented in their art.


“I Love Unicorns” says Kristen.

20190729_140342Fantasy and surrealism is a recurring theme in the works of these twins.


Two days later I got together with Kristen and Kendal at Ruby’s Vintage Harlem for a sit down and get to know these energetic and deep twins. We made ourselves comfortable at a table and began to chat over appetizers and drinks. Before I knew it we were talking like we knew each other longer than anyone would have guessed, like old friends.

20190723_204202We talked about so many things (even though I had a list of questions to ask them), and were so comfortable covering the most personal and private topics. I finally got around to asking the pre-set questions, and for some reason felt like they answered all the questions way before I got to the list. These sister artists are so philosophically, spiritually, and humanly deep. And they also posses a charm and modesty that most women lack on their best days.

20190724_112343To view or purchase more of their works.

Visit their website: www.harlemtwinartllc.com or check them out on Instagram:  harlem.twin.art








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