Urban Street Wear Chest Rigs: The ultimate accessory.

Urban street wear has been around for quite some time, constantly evolving from one trend to another. Now urban street wear accessories are making a striking rise in the form of “Chest Rigs” as an alterative to the so called “Man-Bag” or “Fanny Pack”. However the style and it’s practical use is the big draw here.

20190707_153235Many different styles have been seen on the streets in New York, and while some are a bit ornate and others a bit more tame, it does offer a very unique look and style to your outerwear.

(Will Roberson: of Will Roberson Designs

20190707_152753(Meeco Suave: on right wearing one of his Pmf Piece$ rigs)

Meeco Suave of the brand PMF Piece$ says: “The brand is a new streetwear brand based out of New York City, made for the youth by the youth. We take pride in our motto: Locally grown, Globally known, because we started this in a small fashion community and allowed to spread coast to coast. eventually attracting the attention of the world. The brand is geared towards working for and with the culture to keep it going.”

“The company was founded four months ago in February, and we launched on April 9th 2019 with a limited run and sold out, so we had to push all orders to pre orders until we officially drop. This was a proof of concept experiment at first, and we got so much positive feedback. I’m looking forward to the final launch date which is any day, and I couldn’t be more excited to present my brand PIECE$” Meeco informed me.

070(Mike Strange: The Elegant Classy Gentleman)

I also have been inspired by Meeco to create my own rigs, which will be a little more sophisticated with a futuristic and utilitarian urban environmental bend to it. Here I’m wearing a basic chest rig, which will serve as model for the proto-type of my chest rigs.

Meeco Suave in collaboration with Kendall Stevenson, owner and president of PMF enterprise curated the brands chest rigs. Meeco told me: “The fact that we came up together in the game, it felt right to bring the businesses together and become partners. This allows us to relive some pressure of doing everything by ourselves, and two minds think better then one. We basically complement each others businesses, as well as personally.”

You can purchase PMF PIECE$ chest rigs @Pmf-Pieces or on their website: p-m-f-xpieces.myshopify.com

Join the brave new world of urban street wear!

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