Kevin Shahroozi Fashion Show and Panel Event.

On May 31st Fashion Designer Kevin Shahroozi held a Fashion Show & Panel Speaking Event at the Grace Room Mate Hotel located on 125 West 45th Street New York, NY in Times Square.

20190531_193437Guests at the event were able to speak with and mingle with fashion industry insiders such as Janel Tanna (The 2019 Maxim Magazine cover girl/actress and model), Jon Harari (CEO and Co-Founder of WindowsWear), Kimmie Smith (Celebrity Stylist and Co-Founder of Athleisure Magazine) and Mark Moore (CEO & President of Debut Model Agency)

20190606_210715Kevin Shahroozi asked each of his panel speakers provocative and insightful questions to answer regarding the industry and their personal experiences working in the fashion industry. The panel speakers shared their personal challenges and gave advise that was straightforward and useful in real time.

(Mark Moore & Kevin Shahroozi)


Kevin Shahroozi Designs also has a exciting collaboration with Sneaker Brand: Royal Elastics. Seems like a great fit to us!

20190601_115643(Kevin Shahroozi & Mike Strange)

This event was full of well dressed gentleman and ladies who were very festive and turned the event to a full blown party!


20190606_203517The Models were a delight to hang out with as well (between catwalks) which added to the formal yet casual vibe of the event.

20190606_203745In fact everyone was so cool and chill, the models let me hang out with them backstage and just chat for a bit.

20190606_214118Thanks to Mark Moore CEO & President of Debut Model Agency, for introducing me to the models from the agency in the show!

20190606_203957(Mark Moore)

20190603_153805(Mike Strange & Mark Moore)

I had such a great time at this Fashion Show Panel Event. I bumped into old friends and definitely made some new ones for sure.

20190601_115106Chocolatier Milene Jardine also graced us with her presence and her delicious chocolates for all to enjoy!  I could not stop eating these. Treat yourself and order some at:

20190606_210749Kevin Shahroozi’s event was so interestingly stimulating on so many levels. I can’t wait for his next show. It’s a different sort of experience that’s difficult to pull off, but he just effortlessly let it flow into a wonderful time for all who attended.

20190606_215132Like I said…….I made some new friends!

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