Has the Cult of Postmodernism Rendered Fashion Without Denotation?

I remember the first time when I decided that I would no longer follow trends, and take whatever fashion that was available, which I liked and create my own style. I was about 13-14 years old. However there were clear lines of what I had to chose from. I combined the preppy style, with my cowboy boots, casual shirts with dress shoes and so on (which still works fairly well).


Postmodernism has left fashion in a proverbial free for all, and now people are designing just about anything, made from anything and looking like nothing but a hot mess! It’s as if everyone has run out of ideas and designing and wearing anything which will work well for the theater or a movie set, but not practical for everyday daily wear.


Walking down the street looking different from the rest of the crowd is great (who doesn’t want to look different) but looking like you just stepped out of the 6th dimension is not. While I do advocate pushing the boundaries of fashion, pure postmodernism is causing fashion to become meaningless and left with no direction.

14mens-look-sign-1-articleLargeSo What’s next? People walking around wearing burlap bags with pearls? Torn sheets and suspenders? It seems the evolution of fashion is going retrograde. I say it’s time to get back to basics and work our way toward a more sane and structured fashion future!



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