SPY WORLD: On the Hunt to Stop a Fashion Terrorist. Part: 2

In Response to the attacks on the organizations, people of fashion and the state, the Secret Intelligence Service: FCIA Division (Fashion Counter Intelligence Agency) has assigned two agents to deal with the “Mastermind”.

20190424_110004The two agent counter strike team code named: The Stylist’s have been summoned to SPYSCAPE: The Spy Museum New York (the perfect cover to conduct covert operations) to be debriefed and dispatched to stop the fashion terrorist.

20190424_110521The AGENCY has intercepted encrypted communications from the MASTERMIND  sent to his operatives in the Tri-State area. We must decode these messages for information on the location of the next fashion attack, and the Masterminds lair.

The decoded messages have revealed the Masterminds operatives on the move in the city.

Utilizing the surveillance systems at headquarters, we can now track the movements of the Masterminds agents and triangulate on the location of their destination!

We now fix on the Masterminds alleged headquarters. It is crucial that we proceed with caution, for it may be a trap!


Thanks to Agent 13’s “Breaking & Entering” skills we manage to penetrate the Masterminds compound. We must be ready for anything!

The Masterminds fashion terrorist base is abandoned! He knew we were coming. That can only mean that there is a mole in the agency! We must look further for clues.

Seems like they left in a hurry, but we found the Masterminds car. And the information we need to shut down his attacks on all of the remaining targets, as well as the identity of his agency mole!

20190419_231526However the Mastermind himself has gotten away, slipped through our fingers!

Having returned to the home office after completing the mission to submit our report and arrest the agency mole, the Mastermind sent us a parting gift.


While enjoying a much needed Chardonnay, I received a message from the control secretary at headquarters. Appears the Mastermind has been spotted in Dubai by intelligence operative there. Time to contact Agent 13………”We’re Needed”!

Shot on location at the New York Spy Museum Spyscape. 928 8th Avenue New York, NY 10019. A great place to go alone, with a date or the whole family. They are always looking for new Spy recruits!



Jean Germain: The Mastermind

Raya IOffe: Agent 13

Mike Strange: The Elegant Classy Gentleman

Spyscape: The New York Spy Museum

*Special thanks to the Management at Spyscape for granting us free reign of the facility to shoot for the magazine and enjoy ourselves.


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