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SPY WORLD: On the Hunt to Stop a Fashion Terrorist. Part: 1

Communique from Secret Intelligence Agency *FCIA Division: (Fashion Counter Intelligence Agency)

Extraordinary crimes against the organizations of fashion and the state, must be “Avenged” by agents dressed extraordinary.

20190404_144450 20190415_133739

AGENT: Mike Strange

CODE NAME: The Elegant Classy Gentleman

Status: Active

Speciality: Code Breaking (Cipher & Codes), Master Spy Catcher, Strategic Operations, Logistical Tracking, Trained in Bartitsu: (an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during 1898–1902, combining elements of boxing, jujitsu, cane fighting, and French kickboxing (savate).

Distinguished Attributes: Wine connoisseur, Fine dining, Fine arts, History, Psychology, Medical training, Chemistry, Fashion critic.

Operative Locations: New York, London, Paris, New Zealand.

Weapons of Choice:

British Cane Sword Umbrella:

Umbrella Rifle:


Standard Walther PPK with silencer:

images*Agent Mike Strange prefers non-ballistic weapons.

Steel Plated Derby:

images (1)*Defensive/Offensive/Fashion tool

IMG_1204 20190404_132450 20190415_135607

Agent: Raya 13

Code Name: Agent 13

Status: Active

Speciality: Assassination, Sabotage, Infiltration, Tracker, Surveillance expert, Weapons expert, Trained in Ninjutsu: (the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare and espionage, purportedly practiced by the ninja.)

Distinguished Attributes: International & Domestic Travel, Fine Dining, Fashionista, Medically trained, Psychology and Parapsychology, Analytic, Nuclear Physics.

Operative Locations: New York, Moscow, London, Moldova.

Weapons of Choice:

Standard Walther PPK with silencer:


Lipstick Pistol:


Encryption Decoder Compact:


Lipstick Stun Gun:


*Agent 13 prefers unarmed combat as well as ballistic weapons.


A new threat to the people and the state of fashion has surfaced. These highly (fashionably) trained agents have been dispatched to prevent further fashion terrorist attacks, and if possible stop the threat known only as the “Mastermind”.

Our counter intelligence/terrorist team will conduct these operations under the codename: The STYLIST’S.

These two agents will be debriefed as new intelligence information comes in.


To be continued………



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