The Benefits of Building a Seasonal Capsule Gentleman’s Wardrobe.



Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the “minimalist movement” Capsule wardrobe techniques. I have my own “formula” (four module capsules for each season). So what shall be the guidelines??? Each (seasonal capsule) consists for 37-40 items or less that is a reduced wardrobe for each particular season.


Each capsule can only contain no less than 16 items and no more than 40 items, with 37 items being the “baseline” on the limit of items on the high end for each capsule. This does not include accessory items like: ties, briefcases, pocket squares and watches. (Items from other season capsules can overlap to another.)example: (spring/summer-fall/winter).

Each (seasonal) capsule will start with the “essentials”.  Now each capsule should have 4 or five sports jackets (black, grey, beige, blue and red). Three or four button down dress shirts: (white, black, blue and red or brown). Four or five mock necks (if Spring or Fall), turtle necks if Winter, tee-shirts if Summer. Two or three pairs of jeans (black, blue, and white or grey). Four pairs of slacks in (black, grey, blue, and beige) and three suits in (black, brown, blue), one of the suits should be formal or you can make one with the black one for that purpose.

Build-a-capsule-wardrobeFive pairs of under briefs, and six pairs of socks in assorted colors. Three or four pairs of foot wear (two pairs of boots, one pair of casual shoes, and one pair of sports shoes). Finally you should have two outer wear jackets (any color) in leather or denim, and two coats (one causal, one dress) if Winter or Fall. To save closet space you can put in storage your Fall/Winter capsule when in the Spring/Summer period, and via versa.


This capsule paradigm contains about 35 items and leaves open five items to bring to max for new purchases within the four-month capsule season. I have chosen neutral tones and basics colors so that items can be mixed and matched to create various outfits by interchanging items in each capsule (or items from another capsule), use your imagination. Now for those of you who can do with less, I will write an article on a men’s minimalist wardrobe next month using a similar model, but with a twist.

Your Mission: Capsulate your Closet.

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