SFA PROJECTS ART EXHIBITION: Attasit Pokpong’s The Blooming of New Sense (Self).

SFA Projects has opened an exhibition in their gallery for Thailand-based artist Attasit Pokpong’s for a one person show, which is a first for this artist in New York.


The artist who is very well-regarded in Southeast Asia, became famous for his signature portraiture style of a Sino-Asian woman utilizing a repetition of this single form in which he created a recognizable icon.


 While following another lead to track down the “Mastermind” agent: Raya13 recieved an “Intelligence” tip that we might find an encoded message (hiding in plain sight) at this particular art exhibition.

20190323_162819The artist Attasit Pokpong attempts to demonstrate “the process of becoming” to explain transformative action through shape and form.

20190323_162450“In Eastern thought, all life runs in cycles”

20190323_162614“A container for increasinly complex paintings-within-paintings”

“It is a time of a blooming-self”

20190323_162651“Opening a road to the possibility of an artistic exlporation”

20190323_162717Considered as a rising star of Thaland’s contemporary art scene, Attasit Pokpong has done exhibitions in Hong Kong, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, London, Shanghai and New York.

Pokpong’s exhibition is showcased at SFA PROJECTS, located 131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY. Gallery Hours: Thurs/Fri 2pm-8pm, Sat/Sun 1pm-8pm. The gallery showing runs from March 14th through April 7th 2019.

Stop by before April 7th and see if you can find the “Hidden Message” in the gallery that will provide a lead to the “Masterminds” next target!

“The Games Afoot”!

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