Drips Live Art & Brunch Experience: Featuring Street Artist Zimer.

On March 23rd I attended the Drips live art & Brunch event at Rice & Gold located next (actually attached) to Hotel 50 Bowery on 50 Bowery (of course) in Chinatown for a live (Street art) and brunch event. While the concept is not new, it was a hell of an experience (and good time).


The show featuring street artist Zimer, with a host of other very talented street artist, painting portraits right before my eyes while I noshed on a delicious brunch of Asian cuisine which consisted of Pork & Shrimp Dumplings , Steak Tartare Tartlets, Rice Cake Skewers w/ Miso Glaze, Lemongrass Pork Skewers, Congee w/ all the fixings for an hour.


The next hour I was offered Bacon, Egg and Cheese Fried Rice, Veggie Noodle Supreme, Thai Chicken Wings & Waffles at a buffet station, and an hour after that a one hour carving station of: Char Siu, Pickled Daikon, Roasted Kimchi. Now if that was not enough it ended with a Dessert station of: French Toast Bar, Ice cream, with toppings of rainbow sprinkles, vanilla whipped cream, and caramel.

There was also a sangria special for $6.00 as well as complimentary red wine by: by Intrinsic Wine Co, with Zimer’s Art work on the bottle!


While I ate a host of incredible street artist’s turned blank canvases into full blown works of art!

20190323_155501(Artist: Rayneese Primrose and her portrait of Rihanna)

20190323_151815(Artist: Savior Elmundo who curated the street artists for the event)



20190325_130925(Street Artist: Tommy Re)

20190325_130727(DJ Tahliem kept the beats going the whole time)

(Artist: Evan Campanella)


20190323_151205(Art by: Ronnie)

In addition to all the excitement was meeting up with good friend Jean Germain  and his boy Rob, and the meeting of new friends.



Special thanks to Rice & Gold manager Justin Gonzalez (who is also Director of Food & Beverage) for his gracious hospitality, and for showing me around the spacious venues of Hotel 50 Bowery!

20190325_131224(Savior Elmundo & Rice & Gold manager Justin Gonzalez)


Now that I had my fill of good food, great drinks, fabulous street art, and wonderful company in Chinatown, I must now head back to Harlem (there seems to be trouble brewing) after receiving a covert message that a “Mastermind” is planning to launch an act of CHAOS!


Hotel 50 Bowery

Rice & Gold

Intrinsic Wine Co

Justin Gonzalez

Jean Germain

Savior Elmundo

Rayneese Primrose


Evan Campanella

Tommy Re

DJ Tahliem


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