Spring Equinox Closet Cleaning: Start a Fresh Wardrobe for the New Season.

Winter time winds are starting to blow away, giving rise to the budding flowers. Yes the seasonal changing of the guard is here shifting us into a warmer climate (well here on the east coast at least).

So if your like me you want to get organized for the spring by doing equinox spring closet cleaning for the season, which will make an easy transition from spring to summer wardrobe.  Yes, It’s a lot of work but someone has to do it, and if you want it done right it has to be you!


So let’s get started shall we???

The first thing on the list (which shouldn’t be first) is looking for some of the  hot new items to add to your closet from the ideas you got from Fashion Week! Like I said this shouldn’t be the first thing (but if your like me it is!) you need to do, but it can give you an incentive to actually do the first real thing…..Take everything out of your closet and toss it on the floor. (Yes. All Of It!)


Doing this will not only force you to sort through all of your clothes and take a good hard look at what you do not wear anymore, what you wear often, and what you don’t want to wear again, and what you should be wearing more of. (This is going to take a while indeed) What’s important is that you got this far and there is no turning back now (unless your that Oscar Madison sort of fellow).



What next you ask? Piles, piles and more piles! Make piles of shirts, piles of jackets, piles of coats, shirts, waistcoats, pants, etc. Once you have finished making these God awful piles, you will now proceed to sort through these piles.


Why do you ask? So we can look for (in each respective pile of course) items that are damaged or worn out beyond repair, items that can be repaired (for this one you must make a whole new pile for items that are worth being repaired , and one for not worth being repaired).


Yes you can call that one a trash pile, but the “Green New Deal” me will recycle, donate, sell, and repurpose these items to reduce my carbon footprint! (I’m feeling really special right about now!)



Ok now back to the situation at hand. Now we begin to sort the resorted piles into what we can wear for the next few weeks until it gets too warm to wear the winter weight items. Now there is only one final sort, we sort the clothes from the pile that will be stored away till next winter (yes we already decided to keep them from the previous sorts) to make room for the early spring line up!


I know this was daunting and it took a few hours at least, but there is  just one last pile, and what piles is that you sigh? The ever-present (and annoying) Maybe pile! Yes the pile of clothes that you just couldn’t (no matter how hard you tried) decide if you are going to give them up or keep them.

Foldable Clothes Bag Storage - Grey 4-1700x1700But there is good news, you do not have to decide now, you just simply fold all the items in the “Maybe Pile” put them in a bag and place them next to the bags of the new spring clothes you invested in before you began this monumental endeavor. (you know, you placed them against the wall on the other side of the room because you had no space in the closet!). The Opening Ceremony, Zara, Uniglo, Joseph & Lyman, etc. Items are now ready to be removed from their bags, and inserted into your newly cleaned out (hopefully with enough space) closet to accommodate the new spring arrivals!


Now you will (I will, we will) add a few wardrobe updates along the way between spring and summer which will take us back to where we started as we progress through the seasons again. And faithfully waiting for us in the right hand corner of our closet when we again say to ourselves “I have nothing to wear”, is the maybe pile bag to give us new inspiration!

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