Fashion Week Spotlight: Diva Bigg, Doing Big Things.

Diva Bigg returns to Fashion Week 2019! Doing Fashion Show after fashion show much to the delight of us here at the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine. The Large and in Charge Designer returned to fashion week this year with a bang!


At the FTM Fashion Week Show, Diva Bigg Designs one again positioned toward the end of runway lineup to steal the show! This independent Designer is creating designs not only for Plus Size Women, but for All Types of Women. Needless to say this designer is making a BIGG Statement across the Fashion World!


Two days later at the SBFW Fashion Week Show, Diva Bigg’s designs took over the runway as she was once again positioned at the end of the show to maximize the exposure of her larger than life designs!





Diva Bigg’s Designs, Style, and message to the fashion world is as profound as it is stylish! Fashion For All! Diva Bigg will be holding a show in Paris and across the United States all this year! We get the feeling that this independent designer is going to blow up….BIGG!!! And I mean DIVA BIGG!!!



Mike Strange: Editor-in-Chief

Natasha Swartz: Principal Photographer

Cyntihia Vargas: Special Assistant to the Elegant Classy Magazine

Photo Credit: Photoshootsavage/Natasha Swartz (Natasha-Photo-Studio)/Mike Strange.

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