Harlem Fashion Week: Children’s Runway Show

This year The Elegant Classy Gentleman Team had the opportunity to cover the Harlem fashion week children’s runway fashion show on Feb 16th 2019. The five designers showcased: Button’s Tutus & Treasures/Justice By Justine/London’s Pink Apparel/ BowTai NYC, and Ambrosia Jeen.






Once again Harlem Fashion Week was held at the Museum of the City of New York on 5th Ave. These young fashion entrepreneurs strut down the runway and show the world their stylish fresh ideas, and forward fashion.


20190216_152828(13 year old entrepreneur Justine Phillip: Justice By Justine Jewelry)









Let’s give a hand to these future black leaders of the fashion world. And let us remember to support our young black designers.


Mike Strange: Editor-in-Chief

Photos: Mike Strange

Jessica Phillip/Justine Phillip: Justice By Justine

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