Is 2019 The Year of High Fashion Racism: Are the Big Fashion Houses Involved in a Racist Collusion Campaign?

It seemed to have started in December 2018. Prada’s store front window presented a very offensive display of “Sambo” caricatures figurines and key-chains which cannot be looked upon as anything but Racist! After the social media and public backlash Prada removed the items for the store front window displays and issued an apology to the public.

Next we have Katy Perry’s shoe line which is very clearly an “Black Face” image, and very clearly make a Racist statement if nothing else!


And then we have Gucci’s baklava knit top. A turtleneck sweater which covers the face up to the nose with a cut out for the lips which is surrounded with cartoon red lips! Now the creative fashion director for this item must have been AL JOLSON, or maybe just a Jim Crow era broad of directors.


And for Fashion Week we had the Burberry’s hoodie with the Noose string tie’s gliding down the catwalk. They apologized as well and removed it from their inventory line. But they tried to spin it (and “tie it”) around suicide, when it was clearly about lynching.  You just can’t do these sort of things when it’s quite clear you know what you are doing, and think that people of color will just say “OK, let’s forget about it because we just didn’t know any better!


Now let’s think for a minute. All of these blatantly  racist articles of apparel from some of the biggest fashion houses in the world just put these racially insensitive items out around the same time, or right after the other is mere coincidence?

Is this the High Fashion Alt-Right trying to convey some sort of message? Did some of the biggest fashion houses hold a secret convocation beforehand and decide that they would collectively make a statement to the world (and to people of color)?

beyoncecoonchicken(Beyoncé’s “Sambo” coat)

Was this some sort of overt/convert “Dog whistle” from the high fashion world? This definitely is something we must consider and take a closer look at, as it just seems so coordinated and planned when being observed in hindsight.

pradamalia_2It seems strange that the reason they all gave after their apologies from the public backlash was ignorance, yes ignorance and racist! Now are they really that stupid, or do they just think that we are?




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