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FiFi Fashion Week: Independent Designers Fashion Show.


20190218_180710(FiFi Fashion Show Organizer Sofia Davis)

The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine is a huge supporter of independent fashion designers, and this year the FiFi Fashion Week show was one of the best that we covered! This show was Elegant, lively, and stylish. The energy of the models and the smashing independent designers brought new life to fashion week already being rumored to be on life support. The FiFi Fashion Week Independent Designers Fashion Show was all that, and I must say it was most entertaining!


Designer Erena Chebes opened up the show with a “Fashion Spectacle”, and the flair and pomp of 16-17th aristocracy, with elegant violin playing escorts and court jester out in front!

20190218_181011 20190215_190223 20190218_181136 20190218_181433 20190218_174819 20190218_181712 20190218_181930 20190218_182535 20190218_182700

20190218_183025(Designer: Erena Chebes)

Designer Erena Chebes brought the elegance and class of yesteryear, with a modern bend to Fashion week. Bravo Erena!

20190218_185053 20190218_183301 20190218_183516 20190218_183836 20190218_183939



20190218_185254 20190218_184141 20190218_184302 20190218_184458 20190218_184620


20190218_185129 20190218_18572520190218_185755 20190218_185938 20190218_190100 20190218_190132 20190218_203859 20190218_204057 20190218_204308 20190218_204556 20190218_204800 20190218_210053

Designer Candy Rock Couture put the “Show” in Fashion Show as they Rocked the runway with colorful style and enthusiastic showmanship.

20190218_210136 20190218_210502 20190218_210948 20190218_211024

In Attendance at the show was stylish fashionistas, designers, press and a ton of fashionable energy.

20190215_174224(Press Shot: Photo Journalist Cecilia Rod & Mike Strange)

20190218_212505(Custom Men’s Wear Designer: Kevin Shahrooi)

Men’s wear designer Kevin Shahrooi wearing one of his Cashmere and Leather overcoat creations.


Editor-in-Chief: Mike Strange/Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine



World Fashion Media News: Cecilia Rod/Photo Journalist

Kevin Shahroozi: CEO/Design Director/Kevin Shahrooi Designs





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