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FTM Fashion Week Showcase 2019


On February 8th The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine was invited to cover the 2019 FTM Fashion Week NYC Showcase at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. The Designer line up included collections from Home Made Runway, London Pink Apparel, At Once Designs, Diva Bigg and Figure8.

Final Touch Models


20190211_224258(Proceed with Caution)

20190211_224854(London Pink Apparel)

(At Once Designs)

20190211_225351 20190211_225757

(At Once Designs)






(Family 1st)


Returning for the 2019 Fashion Week is the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine designer favorite Diva Bigg! We caught her last year at the Harlem Fashion Week show at the City Museum of New York, where she upstaged almost all the other designers, with her Bold and Bigg designs.


(Diva Bigg  Designs)

20190211_212544 20190211_212836 20190211_215026 20190211_220457

At the very end of her design line up, Diva Bigg announced that she will be doing a show in Paris as well as other locations in the U.S. Congratulations to her, and we will keep you posted on her brand as info comes in.

(Diva Bigg Designs)


Stay tuned for more 2019 Fashion Week covarge from the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine team!



Credits: Photos by Mike Strange

Editor in Chief: Mike Strange


Logistical Executive: Jean Germain

Business/Marketing Executive: Jessica Phillip

Principal Photography: Natasha Swartz









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