Five Valentine Gift Ideas a Gentleman Would Love.


Galileo Thermometer

This liquid thermometer is based on the scientific principal discovered by Galileo. As the liquids in the cylinder contract slightly at higher temperatures, the spheres of slightly different weights rise; as the liquids cool, the spheres drop. And they come in about three different sizes. $19.95-$35.00 depending on size.


Charging Station

These come in many shapes, colors and styles with prices ranging from $19.00-$55.00. Shop around to find the one that suits your man’s personality.


Lighter Cuff Links

Is your special man a James Bond kind of guy? Well then these lighter cuff link would be just the thing that he would love! These gadget cuff links range from $60.00-$80.00, maybe a bit more as they seem to be in limited supply.

61BfbZMElUL._SY355_Multi-Function Tool pen

Here is another gadget gift for the Tony Stark guy you’re dating. Prices range from $12.00-$14.00. Inexpensive Stylish and Useful. He’ll love it!

61AP7KgVxEL._SL1200_Foldable Silicon Waterproof USB Wired Keyboard

For your guy who is the traveling geek, this portable keyboard would be just the thing. You can get it on Amazon for about $14.00-$16.00.


Have the gentleman in your life thinking about and loving you for gifted him a cool and useful gadget!

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