Gentlemen Prefer Ladies: What a true gentleman really wants in a woman.

It is commonly thought by women that men want only one thing (Sex), while this is more or less true for most men, as we are sexual creatures, the gentleman requires quite a bit more before he decides to commit to a woman. There are four basic elements that build the foundation of a gentleman’s criteria which I like to call R.I.S.E. Respect. Intelligence. Sex. Emotional Intimacy.

Close up of frown young woman

If a woman does not respect herself, she will not have the ability to respect you. Many women demand respect but are inept in giving it. A woman who is disrespectful to others is automatically dismissed by a true gentleman, as well as her beauty and physical endowments. A women who is rude and disrespectful has no place at a gentlemen’s side.


A real gentleman is captivated by a women’s intelligence, not threatened by it (unless she uses her intellect for immoral self gain and harm unto others). A gentleman values a lady who can converse on many different topics, and by that I mean CULTURE, not popular culture, reality shows, hollow trends and topics of no substance. A lady well versed in art, politics, science, literature, and the humanities is most attractive to a gentleman (even on a mediocre level), and is worth more than her weight in gold. This is true also if she holds no educational degrees, and is self-taught.


Sex is important to a gentleman (Men need sex), but not the most important aspect. However, sex with an intelligent, confident and well-mannered lady is more meaningful to a gentlemen than can be described, and is proportionately different from other women who use sex to capture and manipulate men for their own selfish ends.

Emotional intimacy is not just the emotion that we call love. Emotions are temporary and unstable, but when the reagent of substance is added than it becomes emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy is exposing the inner secret parts of yourself, laying yourself vulnerable and exposed. A gentleman will cherish and protect a lady who can offer this, and most of all return it in kind.

After these four basic criteria’s are met, than and only than will a true gentleman consider you “marriage material” and pursue you with wild abandon, for he has found the elusive treasure that he seeks. A lady of virtue per se.


Now there is a huge difference between a woman and a lady. A woman is any human who is of the opposite sex. A lady is something else entirely indeed.

For example there are many women who go about dressing half-naked to get attention from men (the gentleman ignores these types) or over compensate by covering half or most of their bodies with tattoos, body piercings, fake boobs, butt’s, lips, etc. (you get the point). Most of these types of women suffer from low self-esteem, daddy issues, personality and emotional disorders and so on. Not all, but most.


I once went on a date with such a woman, and from the time that I arrived at the restaurant to the time that we left, she was on her cell phone for 85% of the time. When she was telling me about herself, she mentioned that she was “attentive”, and when I commented that she was on her phone for most of time, she tried to over compensate by inappropriately placing her hands between my legs and rubbing my crotch. While this might excite most men, being a gentleman I removed her hands from my person (without embarrassing her), she accomplished that on her own. Needless to say, I was immediately turned off and did not extend the offer of a second date (despite the fact that I was physically attracted to her).

images (2)

A lady dresses in a way that compliments her body, without looking like she’s for sale. Showing just enough to leave to the imagination of a gentleman. A lady is polite, gracious, generous, cares about others, and does not see herself above anyone else. She gives her full attention to the gentleman that she’s with (not on her phone most of time that she with him). She is not a hypocrite nor a prude, but the right balance of a refined women and wild girl.

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Another date I went on with a lady, initiated a conversation of an academic nature first, than asked questions about myself to get to know me better. She also touched me, but here’s the difference, she lightly and casually stroked my arm while we were conversing (showing her interest), and allowed me to be a gentleman. She did not look at or pick up her phone not once (giving me her full attention). She even offered to pay half the check after dinner and drinks (which I would not allow, for I invited her). The simple fact that she was not pretentious and offered to pay distinguished her as a lady. Needless to say she was invited out again. And she is welcome to touch my butt if she is so inclined.


Remember, any female can become a woman, but only exceptional females become ladies……….which a true gentleman prefers!

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