Hashimoto Contemporary: Showcases French Artist/Illustrator Petites Luxures.

On Sat Jan 5th I attended the opening of French illustrator Petites Luxures at Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery on the Lower East Side. In this inaugural solo exhibition the artist explores intimacy and sexuality in his signature minimalist style.

For the first time in New York, artist Petites Luxures mixed media installations and ink on paper at Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery.

The venue was packed as I arrived, with a very chic artsy crowd which even extended unto the sidewalk on Rivington Street. I found the artists work interesting, sexy (of course) as well as very thought provoking with many hidden (in plain sight) and witty innuendoes.

What was almost more interesting than the artists unique creations, was the fashionable artsy patrons filling almost every square inch of the gallery itself.

The exhibition will run through Saturday Jan 26. 210 Rivington Street New York, NY. I highly suggest you bring a date. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired into something………..”out of the box” for Valentines day!

Just a provoking thought……………

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