Sexy Krampus Christmas Cards: The Christmas Demon.

I wrote an article a couple of years ago called “The Dark Side of Christmas”, which explained the relationship between Saint Nicholas and his demon side-kick Krampus. I am a lover of vintage Christmas Cards but couldn’t help but notice the evolution of Krampus on these said cards, from child eating Christmas Demon, to sexy ladies man, to sexy X-mas Imp (yeah an… Elf).

“Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night, is an ancient Austrian tradition that is also celebrated in Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. Basically, Santa, or Sankt Nikolaus (St. Nicholas), comes around with his devils (or Krampuses) in tow.”

Over a short period of time, some of the Germanic Christmas Cards dropped St. Nick and displayed a solo Krampus .

“The Krampus is a demon that, with the approval of St. Nick,terrorizes bad children and apparently lust after the ladies. His chief implements of torture seem to be a switch and a very long tongue designed to frighten children into good behavior.”

Not very long after, Krampus seems to have stopped eating and punishing bad children, and took on a more salacious interest in women. And I also noticed that Krampus is no longer bound in chains,(suggesting freedom from St. Nick).

These were some sexy Christmas holiday cards indeed!

However their was one underlining problem. Krumpus was still depicted in his demon form, associated with torturing and eating children.

So suddenly Krampus transformed into a holiday imp/elf to gloss over the fact that he was Santa’s demon attack dog on misbehaved children.

From torturing and eating children to ladies man/demon, to dandy elf/imp. So why was these sexy Christmas cards so popular with women?

Well I suppose women have a bit of devilish sexy plans on their minds for Christmas!

Vintage Krampus Holiday Card

Merry Happy Sexy Christmas to you my dear!

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