She Said: by Alexis Alexander

SEXY MEANS BUSINESS: by Alexis Alexander

So yes an elegant man is appreciated in the work force but who said you can’t be that sexy, classy, fun boss chick that companies run to, to help make millions?? Being sexy in the workplace is a very controversial subject and the way women have been portrayed in advertising has transitioned drastically over the decades. What does sex have to do with it? Well, since the beginning of time companies have used sex as a marketing tactic to advertise and generate more sales in the 1890’s.


In 1942, Rosie the Riveter, was one of the first women used as the classic icon behind the campaign to recruit women to the workforce during World War II.


These ads were run by J. Walter Thompson who believed the sex sells theory in advertisement and marketing. Sex in advertising has been claimed as the reason behind increased consumer interest and sales. This technique is designed to arouse the interest in a particular product, service or brand according to one of the most professional online resources “The Balance” which is known for empowering and educating individuals to earn more, spend smarter, invest well and build a more secure future. Such companies like L’oreal, Victoria Secret, and even Fashion Nova use beautiful women to help sell products. Not only is it more appealing but it catches the eye of potential customers.

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Public figure Celebrities like Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are used to model clothes, jewelry, and beauty products to help increase sells. Our daily news stations use beautiful news reporters like Demetria Obilor who endured body shaming to attract viewers. Body shaming has been going on for decades and it’s just now being accepted in our society today.

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Now we have plus size models posing on the cover of Sports Illustration and commercial ads all over the world. We also have different Social media platforms who pay models such as Instagram models to attract people to Instagram but yet there’s still so much controversy. . . In a male dominated industry Women are looked down upon for being too sexy, being curvy or for showing too much skin however the bashing isn’t coming from majority of the men, it’s coming from the women. Models and strippers are bashed because of their profession and aren’t taking as seriously as they should.

No profession is easy. It’s not easy to wear heels for hours , stay trendy, work odd hours, travel to different places all over the world, take care of you hair , skin and nails meanwhile trying accommodate deadlines and making out time to eat healthy and work out at their gym. Just because you’re sexy doesn’t mean you’re less worthy or uneducated. It’s about using what God has blessed you with to get what you want and if its sells; so why not!

Being sexy doesn’t always mean you have to have sex. Sexy women and men are always good to look at and helps to make life more interesting. If everyone was dressed in business suits or worked at an office, life wouldn’t be as interesting as it is today because everyone would look and dress the same. There’s no fun in that, by the way; there’s still women who wear the business suits and look sexy in them and even they too are given the side eye at work.

According to the Huffington Post, former Love and Hip-Hop Reality Star turned American rapper Cardi B has a lot to say when it comes to women and their sexuality. According to Cardi B and the “Me Too” movement doesn’t support female hip hop artists or video vixens, after all they too are women in the entertainment industry. She talks about the disrespect that female artist and models face in the male dominated hip hop industry. She claims that if it wasn’t for models being featured in music videos a lot of these rappers wouldn’t have nice quality videos and it’s the sexy women that make the video more appealing.

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So why do people disrespect and bash sexy women again?? This is the reason why my team and I covered the “Million Women March,” in 2017 in Washington DC right after Donald Trump’s Inauguration. It appeared to many people that our president didn’t have women’s best interest after the infamous recording Hollywood access released about Trumps shockingly admitting to his attempt to seduce a married women and indicated how he might kiss a woman that him and former President Bush were about to meet. He added “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it ,you can do anything… grab them by the pussy.”

As I interviewed women who came to march from all over the country, they expressed how they felt discriminated due to their sex. I heard so many stories that almost made me cry, but as women we have learned to be tough and stand tall no matter the circumstances. Like I mentioned previously, a woman with crazy sex appeal doesn’t make you a whore, it’s is quite a job that most women struggle to maintain.

Even though few don’t want to admit that they secretly admire these strong and “Sexy” women. It costs to stay on top of your sex appeal which includes hair, nails, skin treatments, makeup, beauty products, dieting, going to the gym, photo shoots, keeping up with the latest trends, attending events and sometimes it involves having plastic surgery. Speaking of plastic surgery, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with “making enhancements” says Tyra Banks in her recent article with People Magazine. Tyra Banks revealed that she had a nose job early in her career and stated that “We as women need to stop judging.” she also claimed that “Perfect is boring,” and that either you’re super natural or you live at the plastic surgeon.

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In my opinion, I believe that a person should do whatever makes them feel better about themselves as long as it doesn’t kill you or harm anyone else. It’s really sad that women are so quick to judge other women when we should stick together. When a woman behaves in this manner it shows a level of insecurity.

Begin to ask yourself, am I bold enough to flaunt my sexy or am I that insecure about myself that I have to bash other women to feel confident enough in my skin? Being sexy doesn’t have anything to do with your level of education, your worth as a human being with rights, or your contribution in the community. Being sexy is a state of mind and is not only something good to look at but something we all need to make the world go round. It’s called Balance. Everyone should feel sexy in their own skin and if it pays the bills, then why not embrace it because “Sexy means Business.”


About Alexis Ada Alexander:     28056061_2030163657263940_6407370457934538442_n[1]

Growing up I’ve always been the girl who fingers were being pointed at whether it was good or bad. 

I’ve always been a creator and always had a big imagination among my peers. However
being around small minded individuals can sometimes break the spirit if you allow it.
So taking some alone time to figure out who you are is very necessary, and thats exactly what I did.
I’ve always had a passion for modeling, but being from a place like Maryland which is considered a business oriented state, modeling is not respected as it should be. However, thats my passion and I will continue to pursue my desires.
Due to being in college, I took a break from the career I loved which cuts deep, but I’ve took time to reflect and concluded that it time for me to get back in the game for good!
This really helped me write this article because not only have I experienced body shaming, I’ve also been criticized and ridiculed for my beliefs in being the sexy woman that I am. What’s even more ridiculous is that the bashing doesn’t come from our elegant and supportive men, it comes from our women.
I don’t understand why many of our women have a hard time giving other women credit when it due. It doesn’t Kill Sheesh!
 Another issue that I faced along with other women like me, is the fact that many people don’t look pass my curves to see if I have a brain and I’m here today to show the world that you can be a multi talented, sexy and educated woman! So look out for all this sexy melanin that I am bringing this year because I mean business!” ~ Alexis Alexander







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