Poetry: The Sensual Peeling of an Orange. By Mike Strange

The whole idea of peeling an orange is to eat it of course. The bright color of the sun , the shining orb like unto the one hanging in the sky, gives promise of the roundness and blinding color of the morning star.

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As you are peeling off it’s bright skin, you can hear the soft hiss of citrus upon the tearing of the round fruit, like the soft purr of a small creature being petted. The sound of peeling an orange is akin to the din of the heavens on a soft cool summer afternoon.

The aroma of the small orb is like no other, as you slowly undress this fruit. The sending hint of citrus hanging in the air is like a scent of pleasure from a garden of hidden delight. Rich and sharp is the odor in the air as you are peeling it indeed.

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An orange being peeled offers much to the palette for the one who is in fact engaged in the act. The flavor is tangy and charged with a hint of electricity as you indulge in it’s charged like essence.



and eating this fine fruit after the peeling is an experience on the tongue that is sure to leave traces of a garden at the edge of the meadow on your taste buds for quite some time!

Mike Strange.


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