The Halloween Masquerade Ball – A Sexy Venetian Carnival Affair.

Source: The Halloween Masquerade Ball – A Sexy Venetian Carnival Affair.

The Halloween Masquerade Ball – A Sexy Venetian Carnival Affair.

I had the distinguished honor of attending the 2nd annual Halloween Masquerade Ball as a “Royal VIP Guest”. It was billed as “A Sexy Venetian Carnival Affair” which has become one of the most popular NYC Halloween events. This “debaucherous Venetian Masquerade Ball”, was modeled in the spirit of Stanley Kubrick’s “EYES WIDE SHUT” film w/ Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman; Which I must say is very sexy indeed!


Held this year at the enormous Stage 48 venue (the largest event space in Manhattan), with three gigantic floors of seduction, sexiness and mystery! I was enamored with the spirit and willingness of all the guest who attended, as just about everyone there was very much into it, and dressed the part.

On the four corners of the main dance floor, pillared platforms of sexy “masked Go-Go” dancers got the crowd moving and shaking in the most fun and salacious way. This event was so bloody sexy, I too had to dance with wild abandon with these sexy and well dressed masked strangers, who were ever willing to have a sophisticated and sexy good time.


I must say that the coolest of the cool of New York’s Cafe’ society came out to pay homage to the theme of night, “Eye’s Wide Shut”.

“Back in 1292, the original purpose of the Carnival of Venice was to serve as an excuse for people of different social classes to mingle and indulge in behaviors that might be otherwise deemed questionable, if not downright salacious.

The custom of wearing masks developed to protect the identity of the Carnival participants and empowering them anonymous freedom to partake in their most intimate of fantasies and desires.”

“The point of THE MASQUERADE BALL is to provide a sexy evening of ‘mystique’ & ‘playfulness’ for you and your friends to experience the freedom of anonymity behind the mask, leaving your inhibitions behind, and setting your wildest fantasies free. So get in the playful, adventurous Venetian spirit and prepare for what is sure to be one of the most unforgettable & most tantalizing experiences of your lives…”

And the Elegant Classy Gentleman was there, and THE MASQUERADE BALL was all that it promised………and More! Five thumbs up for this event.