Style New York Fashion Week Kickoff

On Thursday September 7th Style NY launched fashion week at the intrepid air and space museum for an impressive gala that only fashion week could pull off.


The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine was there to cover the event as a part of the media and a VIP guest of sultry singer Amanda Holley & her manager the iconic Ralph Cooper the 2nd. 


Amanda Holley opened the event with her hit song “Feenin” and other songs from her soon to be released new album. Amanda’s musical opener was stunning and well executed, and of course she looked fabulous on the runway, and the red carpet!


(Mike Strange, Amanda Holley, Ralph Cooper 2nd)

The Style Fashion Week opening at the intrepid was a huge event. Here are some photos of this amazing gala.



Stay tuned for more on fashion week and Amanda Holley by the Elegant Classy Gentleman!

Enjoy Fashion Week and stay Stylish!

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